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Visit www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting and open the door to the world of HP smart printing solutions. HP wireless printer is a versatile printing device that helps you print, scan, copy and fax your documents as per the requirement. Also, you can print your documents wirelessly from any of the convenient corners of your home with your smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other devices.


Before beginning to print with your newly-purchased HP wireless printer, you need to make certain preparations that include the device hardware setup, positioning and placement, the power supply, and the PC’s connectivity. The second step before starting to print is to download the setup by visiting www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting and installing it on your PC to get the printer in working condition. The last step is to ensure a Wi-Fi connection to your network router and your PC.

 HP Wireless Printer Installation using USB

For this method of HP wireless printer installation, you should have a USB cable compatible with your PC and printer. You should have received the compatible USB cable with the package as one of the accessories. In case you haven’t got it in the package you can buy one from the nearby store. Meanwhile, to install your HP wireless printer with the USB cable, you can follow the steps given below:


First, connect your PC with your HP printer using a compatible USB cable.


Now, turn on your HP wireless printer.
Go to the Start menu on your desktop.
Click on Settings.
Now, search for Printers and Scanners. Once you find it, double-click on its icon.
Click on Add a printer or scanner option available on the screen.
You will see your printer’s name on the screen. Now, click on it.
Follow the prompts on your screen.
Now, click on Finish to end the process.
After the installation process through USB is done, your printer is all set to be used. Now perform a test print of a document by giving a command through your PC.

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jasmine4532 travel blog images

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