Gloucester Tree & Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree: Everything You Need To Know

Gloucester Tree & Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree: Everything You Need To Know

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In the lush forests of Pemberton, two giants stand taller than the rest: the Gloucester and Dave Evans Bicentennial Trees. A favourite for thrill-seekers and adventurers, climbing the trees provides an opportunity to take in the majestic canopy of the surrounding karri forests.

What is it?

A magnificent karri, the Gloucester Tree was instated in 1947 as a fire lookout – before the use of spotter planes, there was a network of trees in the south west forests, where lookouts would check for signs of smoke. One of eight lookout trees, there were a further ten built lookouts scattered throughout the south west. After being retired from use as a lookout, the tree is now a popular destination for brave visitors who want to try the climb.

About 20 minute’s drive away, you’ll find the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. Standing at 75 metres tall, it’s even larger than the Gloucester Tree, and was named after the local politician who held the seat of Warren between 1968 to 1989. The tree was pegged for climbing in 1988 in celebration of Australia’s bicentenary, and while it was never officially utilised as a fire lookout, it has been used in cases where spotter planes were unable to fly.

Where is it?

Both trees are just outside of Pemberton, just under four hour’s drive from the Perth CBD. The Gloucester Tree is just outside of town, within the Gloucester National Park. A short drive away, the Bicentennial Tree sits within the Warren National Park, a haven for old-growth karri forest and fed by the Warren River.

What to do?

With 153 metal pegs, you can climb to the Gloucester Tree lookout 53 metres off the ground in the 61 metre tall tree – originally built from timber, the platform has since been reconstructed in steel. Reportedly

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