What to see and do in Pisa, Italy

What to see and do in Pisa, Italy

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Pisa is a small, but old town in Tuscany, Italy. It can easily be visited in a day trip from Florence, the capital of the region, as the two cities are no more than 100km apart.
Usually, the easiest way to visit Pisa from Florence is to take the train since the journey takes only about an hour. Trains are pretty popular in Italy because they're fast, pretty reliable, clean, and comfortable.
All trains arrive at Pisa Centrale train station. From here it's only a 20-minute walk to Piazza dei Miracoli, where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located. If you don't fancy walking, then you can take a city bus from the station to the square.

What to see and do in Pisa?

The most famous landmark in the city is, without doubt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is actually the bell tower (Campanile) of the Pisa Cathedral. The tower was intended to be perfectly straight, but due to its unstable foundation in the soft ground, it started to lean even before it got finished. Now, this imperfection stands at the base of all its fame.
While for many years the tower couldn't be visited, after its most recent renovations, tourists can now climb it. Tickets can be bought online and at the location. But I'd recommend you buy it online since there's a limit on the number of people that can visit the tower each day.

Right near the tower is the Pisa cathedral, a magnific Romanesque building, and the oldest structure in the square. It is free to visit, but you do need a ticket. You can either get one with a timeslot on-site, or you buy a ticket to any other part of the cathedral complex in Piazza dei Miracoli.

A bit further away you can find the Pisa Baptistery which is famous for its great acoustics. It's harder to spot, but The Baptistery is also slightly leaning. It can be visited and you can buy a ticket on-location or online.

Along the Arno river (which also flows through Florence) you will see many old and colorful buildings. Among these is also a tiny and photogenic Gothic church called Santa Maria della Spina.

If you have some time left you should also stroll through the historic city center of Pisa. Here you can admire old buildings and you will also find Piazza dei Cavalieri which is the second main square, after Piazza dei Miracoli.

And since you're in Italy a country famous for its food, you shouldn't leave the city without sampling some local goodies. Here are some must-try dishes: Pici Pasta, Biscotti, Cinghiale, Cecina, Pilgrim Cake.

In conclusion, I hope this post gave you a few ideas on what you can do and see in Pisa if you spend a day in the city, as part of a longer trip in Italy. And if you are very short on time, you can just stick to the cathedral complex in Piazza dei Miracoli which can be visited in just a few hours.

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