6 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year

6 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year

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6 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year 
After what’s been a challenging year for many, everyone could do with some festive cheer, time to relax and have some fun with their nearest and dearest. However, Christmas also comes with financial stress and worries  - but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here are six excellent ways to change things up and celebrate Christmas this year. 

1. Choose practical gifts 

Despite the best intentions, people often receive gifts that they will never use, resulting in disappointment and, ultimately, a waste of your hard-earned money. Switch things up this year and instead of making assumptions, ask your recipients what they need for a meaningful gift. Why not give some best vape flavors with nicotine to help them relax?? Other ideas include meal kit subscriptions for healthy eating, household appliances, or gift cards to save money at frequently shopped stores. If you are worried that it will eliminate the element of surprise and holiday magic, ask for a top 5 list so that your recipient is still unaware of their Christmas present right up until the big day.  
2. Start a tradition 

Everyone could do with some rare quality family and friends time over the festive season - and what better way to do that than over a tradition? Some have old Family tradition that they partake in that have been passed down from generations, but if you find that you aren't one of them, starting a new one is a great way to get the whole family involved! Whether it's creating an advent calendar, cooking or baking certain foods, or even wearing matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve, spend time doing something fun together. It doesn't have to be particularly elaborate or expensive either - make room to carve out a few hours for each other. 


3.Host a gingerbread making competition 

Fuel those competitive juices and get a friendly Christmas rivalry by inviting friends and family to participate in a gingerbread house-making competition. The rules? Each participant has to build their very own structure from ginger. Other than that, no restrictions apply, and each house can be wildly different from the next - traditional, modern, big, or small. Have family and friends living far away and can’t manage to get everyone together? Host it virtually and post all the pictures onto a group chat or your favorite form of social media and get everyone to vote for their favorites. Just make sure to have a great festive prize ready for the winner. 
4. Give back 

Giving back to your local community can be a great way to celebrate the holidays. Not only does it help others on a deeper and more meaningful level, but it can also bring you peace and make you feel good. Whether it’s volunteering at the local soup kitchen, helping the homeless, spending time with the elderly in your community who may be lonely, or volunteering to help wrap gifts for others, there are so many ways to give. Helping others and giving back during the festive season always feels so good. Why not make it a family tradition and get everyone involved? 

5. Change up your wrapping 

Wrapping gifts is enjoyable for some and a nightmare for others. But there is no denying that it is an integral part of the festive season. For years we have been used to using shiny, plastic-like wrapping paper found across multiple stores alike. And while it may look nice, unfortunately, it can’t be recycled. Be a friend to the planet and change up your wrapping by opting for recyclable wrapping paper instead. There are now more and more options out there on the consumer market. Alternatively, consider using fabric instead and invest in a few festive fabric bags that can be used year after year, saving you money while helping the environment. 

6.Play a game 

Giving and receiving presents on Christmas is always great, but spending time with those you love is even better. Instead of swapping gifts and then doing your own thing, invest in some games during the holiday season to keep you and your loved ones entertained together. Opt for holiday-themed board games, or make games you already have at home festive - such as Christmas-themed scrabble! Don’t have a big collection or the money to fork out on purchasing new ones? Invite friends and family for a “bring your own game” game night. Various households will have different games. 

Wrapping up 
There is no one way to celebrate the holiday season, and it is a great time to try new traditions. So focus less on buying the latest on-trend gifts, spend more time with friends and family, give back to your local community, start new traditions and mix things up. I hope this article has been helpful and insightful and that you now have some new ideas for this Christmas season! 

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