Why you should visit this secret island - #DiscoverSyros

Why you should visit this secret island - #DiscoverSyros

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Syros, the heart of the Cyclades. An island which might not be very popular in "must go to destinations" lists, but could easily become one of the most sought after places for an amazing Greek holiday.
I have participated in the campaign #DiscoverSyros together with other 15 influential bloggers, and we got the chance to explore the island for 5 days.

In this article, I am going to tell you all about my experience and why Syros should be on your list of your next destinations. ❤️

1.An authentic Greek experience

If you are seeking to have an amazing Greek experience, Syros might be the perfect place for it. It is an island that preserves traditional Greek culture and traditions, and it has a charm of ancient times that lingers everywhere you go. Its capital city, Hermoupolis, is known as “The Lady of the Aegean Sea”, and has an amazing neoclassical architecture.
The views from everywhere around the island are simply stunning. Whether you're enjoying a sunset on top of a hill, or sunrise by the sea, or whether you're driving along the coast, the island has a lot to offer.
The restaurants are amazing, and the best part is that all types of food are very fresh, and most of the places have a seaview. Be ready for an authentic Greek experience, that will make you fall in love with Greece!

👉Tips where to go:

📸 the Capuchin Monastery for a visit and epic location for photos

🍽 Allou Yialou restaurant in Kini, Syros

2. A hidden getaway spot

Nowadays, going to a destination where you don't have to queue to take photos of landmarks and where you can have a quiet lunch by the seaside without the hustle of getting through crowds of tourists, is quite hard to find. So if you want to visit a place at your own pace and chill out, this is for you.

There are amazing places to visit, such as Ana Syros, or the Cathedral of Saint George, from where you can see the neighbouring islands, such as Tinos, Delos, Mykonos, Paros, Andros and Naxos. Not to mention the amazing beaches,  such as Galissas, or Asteria Beach, where you can sip a cocktail and just relax. With its bright colors, amazing architecture, flavours and homemade lloukoumi, it's a getaway spot that might fit in well your Greek agenda.


👉Tips where to go:

📸Ano Syros for stunning views of the city

🍬Korres Loukoumi Manufacture - for the best sweets in town

3. An island with wonderfuL beaches

When you think about Greece, you think about crystal clear water, and beaches next cliffs or caves. The most popular beaches in Grece are more than often too crowded, and it might be hard to feel secluded on an island with hundreds of swarming tourists around you. However, in Syros, you can enjoy the intimacy of having your own little private beach. While a lot of them might be more difficult to access,  having to go up and down carved steps, they are worth going to. Whether they are sandy or pebbled, or offer a view to the island's landmarks, they are a must.


👉Tips where to go:

🌅 Galissas beach for sunset

⛱ Asteria beach for a view over the two domes of the city

All photo credit to Jordan Simons

Editing done by me

Check out the video of our adventure on Syros made by The Life of Jord! And don't forget to check in for updates in my Travel section for new tips!

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TraveLem January 17th, 2018

I watched your video on youtube and I am so amazed, thank you for sharing. I hope I can travel to that place soon.

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