VIGAN, LAOAG and PAGUDPOD: Itinerary and Expenses

VIGAN, LAOAG and PAGUDPOD: Itinerary and Expenses

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This DIY trip was planned to celebrate our 4th year anniversary as a couple. We jot down every peso spent and all activities we did from departure on October 26 until arrival on October 29 in Cubao. We also chose to leave in the evening so that we can start walking around Vigan first thing in the morning.

Day 1: October 26

6:00PM   Left home in Pasig.
7:10PM    Arrived at Save More Cubao
7:30PM   Arrived at Partas Cubao Bus Station
8:10PM   Departure in Cubao
11:30PM First bus stop somewhere in Tarlac
Since we arrived earlier than expected, we had to wait at the bus station for the Sun to come out. We used that time Google-ing must-see, must-do and must-eat of Vigan.

Day 2: October 27

2:45AM   Arrival at Partas Vigan Bus Station
4:30AM  We started walking going to Calle Crisologo
5:30AM  We had our breakfast in a small eatery in front of McDonald’s near the church.
6:30AM  We started roaming around in a tricycle looking for a place to stay in.
7:30AM  Toured around Vigan City.
12:30PM Lunch at Hidden Garden.
1:30PM   Went back to the hotel and slept for 6 hours.
7:30PM  Walked around the heart of Vigan looking for home cooked meals.
8:30PM  Wandered at Calle Crisologo with all the awesome lights switched on.
9:30PM  Went back to the hotel to prepare for our early departure.
Day 3: October 28

We planned to leave at 6:30AM so we can catch the first bus trip from Vigan to Laoag but as expected, we overslept. Paul still had to report for work the night before leaving Manila so the short travel time to Vigan is not enough for him to catch some sleep. That’s the good side of having a DIY trip, we get to go to places we want and leave when we want to. We manage our time so we get to have enough sleep and we budget our money so we can maximize our trip.

8:00AM   Woke up.
9:00AM   Checked out at the hotel.
9:30AM   Had breakfast in a small eatery at Plaza Burgos
11:20AM  Departure from Vigan going to Laoag via Partas
1:40PM    Arrival at Partas Laoag City Terminal
2:00PM   Visited Laoag Church
2:15PM    Had lunch at Johnny Moon Cafe
3:30PM   Went to Paoay Church
5:30PM   Arrived at Laoag City
6:30PM   Departure from Laoag going to Pagudpod
8:30PM   Arrival at Pagudpod town proper
9:00PM   Dinner at our homestay
11:00PM  Lights off
Day 4: October 29

7:30AM   Went to the beach.
9:30AM   Had breakfast at homestay
11:30AM Departure from Pagudpod to Baruyen, Ilocos Norte
1:30PM Arrival at Baruyen, Ilocos Norte drop off point going to Windmills
2:00PM  Departure at Baruyen going to Burgos drop off point for Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
3:30PM  Tour to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation at Burgos
5:30PM  Departure at Burgos, Ilocos Norte going to Sampaloc Manila via Florida Bus
9:30PM  Dinner at bus stop at Bantay, Ilocos Sur
4:30AM  Arrival at Florida Bus Station in Sampaloc Manila

Day 1: October 26-27

Snack bought at Save More Cubao            P85
Water (1.5L)                                                   P26
Bus going to Vigan via Partas                     P1330 (P665/head)
Tissue                                                              P15
Boiled egg                                                       P16
Water (1L)                                                      P30
Cellphone load                                              P10
Alcohol                                                           P20
Mosquito repellent                                      P85
Breakfast                                                       P70Bread     P10/4pcs
Coffee    P20/cup
Mami with egg P20
Donation at Bell Tower                              P20
Candles at St. Agustin Church                  P20
Tinubong                                                       P100/5pcs
Pottery donation                                         P40
Shawl                                                             P130
Lunch at Hidden Garden                          P725/3Vigan Longganisa        P150
Hidden Garden Rice   P150
Bagnet                            P220
Poqui Poqui                  P115
Halo Halo                     P90
Vigan City Tour                                          P400
Accommodation                                        P750
Dinner                                                         P115Longanisa                     P30
Adobo                            P40
Rice                                P20
Sundae                          P25
Water (1L)                                                  P30
TOTAL: P4,017

Day 2: October 28

Tricycle going to Plaza Burgos               P20
Breakfast                                                    P130Pork Steak P40
Longanisa P50
Rice (4) P40
Kalesa ride going to Partas                    P50
Bus going to Laoag                                  P270 (P135/head)
Tricycle going to Mcdo Laoag               P22
Lunch                                                         P595Meat Platter P180
Johnny Moon Pasta P180
Adobado Rice P155
Tupig con Tsokolate P80
Jeep to Paoay Church                             P68 (P34/head)
Jeep to Laoag                                           P68 (P34/head)
Johnny Moon Empanada                      P45
Puto                                                           P20/5pcs
Bus going to Pagudpod                         P140 (P70/head)
Dinner                                                      P100 (P50/head)
TOTAL: P1,528

Day 3: October 29

Karyoka by the beach                            P40 (P10 eachx4)
Souvenirs                                                 P200Pearl bracelet with earrings P100
Ref magnet                              P100/3pcs
Breakfast/Lunch                                    P50/head P100
Ordinary bus fare from Pagudpod town proper to Baruyen Drop Off Point to Windmill                                                                                                                       P25/each P50
Tricycle to Windmill                             P200
Souvenir                                                  P100
Snacks                                                     P57
Softdrinks P10 (2) P20
Hopia P30/5pcs
Chips P7
Bus going to Burgos Lighthouse Drop Off Point P40 (P20/head)
Lighthouse/Kapurpurawan Tour                           P300
Kapurpurawan Entrance                                         P30 (P15/head)
Horse ride                                                                   P100
Bus fare from Burgos Ilocos Norte to Sampaloc Manila P1300 (P650/head)
Empanada at 1st stop in Pasuquen Ilocos Norte P70
Dinner at Bust stop in Bantay Ilocos Sur             P160
Chichacorn P50/50grams                                       P300/6packs
Water (1L)                                                                  P32
España to Cubao                                                       P30 (P15/head)
TOTAL: P3,109

Total expenses for 3D2N Ilocos Trip

Day 1: P4,017

Day 2: P1,528

Day 3: P3,109

Total: P8,654/2

P4,327 per head

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