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Geode Artwork is sweeping the internet these days. If someone has a question about how can they make their décor look aesthetic, the answer ends with Geode Paintings.

Geodes are hollow, spherical rocks with quantities of mineral substance (that may include crystals) enclosed within them. Geode resin art form takes inspiration from real geodes and creates beautiful art from crystals, resins, colors and supplies. Depending upon the complexity of the work, it may take days to several weeks to create one artwork of Geode paintings.


Interior these days have gained a lot more important than it used to. People now do give importance to how their house looks from the inside. Even if not very lavish, they do want something unique and refreshing. Although our income has economic stability has increased, the happiness index still isn’t doing very great. Having a refreshing look in the house gives one a lot of happiness and positivity. Good furniture, aesthetic paintings are known to be one of the greatest stress busters.

Crystals are known to extract negative energies from their surroundings and fill them with positive vibes. Thus, they are much appreciated these days. It is another reason for Geode Paintings to become the new trend. Real crystals are used in these paintings that do not just color pop your wall but also give you all the positivity you might need.Geode paintings come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

They can be hung on the wall, placed on an easel or even placed on a shelf. You may decorate the house in whichever way you like. The art form uses a different kinds of crystals and gemstones. For example, if you are a lover of emerald, you would love to have the Emerald Isle Diptych on your wall. The piece has a very royal look with emerald and crushed glass used while creating it. The gold borders add up to the royalty of the work. The work also has a matte finish, thanks to the raw wooden edge. (

If you are looking for a healing stone, you’d know that quartz is known for its therapeutic properties. It is regarded as the mineral kingdom’s most potent healing stone capable of treating any ailment. It works amazingly for manifesting and channeling. Thus, the golden globe painting would suit you the best if you are looking for something with quartz. It includes seven gold-dipped real quartz crystal points surrounded by white pebbles. The metallic gold inlay gives a worn appearance. Gold glitter lines and glasswork add a touch of glitz. (

A very crazed-about crystal these days is amethyst. The reason for this is the range of abilities that amethyst possess. It is a natural sedative that soothes impatience and relieves anger. This purple stone is known to promote psychic powers by activating spiritual consciousness. They say that amethyst can clear all the negative thoughts out of your head and bring out sincerity and spiritual insight. Thus, artworks with amethyst are a gem for your house. The Purple Rain is a statement piece you can get for yourself. It has stunning colours and is inspired by amethyst and agate. (

Many people these days like 3D paintings. A much-adored work is the Unicorn Geode. What makes it different is its holographic appearance. Depending on the illumination and the angle from which the observer is looking at the piece, the colors move from blue to green to violet. The copper glitter lines give it an appealing finish. Thus, if you are looking for something brilliant, you can go with the piece. (

If you are looking for a Geode painting for your child’s room, you can go with a mild colour. A colour that doesn’t have a very strong impact rather soothes when looked at. For example, the Pretty in Pink artwork. Crushed glass and mirror, gold embellishments, and glitter abound in this magnificent item, which catches the most amount of glint. Blush pink tones are skilfully combined with breezy white. Pretty in Pink

While ordering a Geode Painting, one needs to be very patient as it takes hard work of a lot of days for creating one piece. Although every effort is made to make the piece perfect, there might be some bubbles or ripples. These little particles find their way through during the drying process that usually takes 24–48 hours.

So, if you are looking to add some aesthetic to your home sweet home, this Geode Painting might be your answer. Add these beauties to your wall to pop some colour, give you a positive vibe every day and keep you stress-free. Order them today!

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jeodartseo travel blog images

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