Puerto Princesa, Palawan 10/2010

Puerto Princesa, Palawan 10/2010

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This was our very first plane ride, so we were very excited.

Special Thanks to Legend Palawan, the place is wonderful and the food is really good. Even if we were not able to taste the specialties from other Restaurants, the food in Legend was perfect because we were very tired and at least the food was already there hehe!  :)
I also love their attention to needs, they were able to accommodate a little change in our menu due to allergy.

Day 1
- Arrival Manila 3 am, went straight to NAIA Terminal 3. We waited for about an hour for PPC counter to open then check-in. The only thing we checked-in was the umbrella I brought hahaha! Other things (backpack) were hand carry.
- We then again waited for boarding 7 AM. Long time waiting huh? haha! Super excited for our 1st airplane ride hahaha meaning PICTURE PICTURE!!!
- Arrival time PPC = 8:30 am then headed straight to the hotel, thanks to the Land Transfer.
- As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we fixed our things, took a bath then we headed to the TIANGGE TIANGGE (stores where souvenirs can be bought). Pasalubong shopping under 1hr DONE, went back to the hotel for the BUFFET LUNCH! yum!

- After lunch, 1 pm HONDA BAY TOUR: 2 Islands - Snake and Pandan Island. Snorkeling and feeding the fish with pandesal. Thanks Will our guide!! 

- 5pm back at the hotel rested a little then prepared for Family Style Dinner in Salo. The Sinigang na Lechon was so good and the waiter who attended to us was very very caring. But there were times that it got irritating already haha!
1st FULL day.

Day 2
- 5:30 wakeup call but we woke up earlier to prepare. No more swimming for us we were very tired from our 1st day.
- Buffet Breakfast but we were glad that our tummies didn't argue with us because of the abundant food we had, haha if you know what I mean.

- On the way to The Underground river tour and we had to pick up more tourists from other hotels. 2 hours land transfer from PPC to Sabang. We had several touristy stops to see while on the road.
- From Sabang beach, we rode a motorized boar going to the destination for about 15-20minutes and we were early so we didn't have to wait long for the Underground tour. 
- 1.5km of the river tour with the most fun guide ever hehe, can't remember the name but he was very funny, his jokes plus his very distinct squeaky voice. 
- After the river tour, we headed to the beach. It was cloudy but as usual PICTURE PICTURE! hahaha.. We walked along the seashore and felt very fine sand unlike the sand from the Island tour.
- We went back to Sabang and ate another fulfilling Buffet lunch in Taraw resort. Yummy!  :) Rona and Ate Kyla, our new friends from Cebu bought the famous tamilok but I decided not to try it as we were traveling back to the city for hours, and it might upset my stomach.

- After lunch, going back to the city, we had a  side trip to a Vietnamese Village, but we just went to the restaurant for afternoon snacks. I just had the Vietnamese iced coffee with milk and I was able to taste the tuna bread, fresh lumpia and spring rolls, thanks to our tour guide.
- When we arrived in the hotel, Ely and I decided to go to Baywalk because we had time to spare going around the city.
- After an hour, we went back to the hotel and prepared for dinner again haha. Buffet Dinner again in Tanglaw Resto. 

Day 3
- Prepared for check-out and our last Buffet.
- We headed to the airport, excited for another plane ride. 
- Arrived in Manila to stay for 2 nights, we left our things at the hotel and went. We watched a movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and did a little shopping, early Christmas shopping hehe. 
- Lunch Pizza hut and dinner Old Spaghetti House

Day 4
- We were supposed to have lunch in Jalapeno at the Ortigas Home Depot, we kept on looking for it but when we got there it was closed an said it opens late. Oh well, we headed to Greenhills and had late lunch at Gerry's Grill.
- Shopping

Day 5 Time to go home :(

Where to Next?  :)

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