Packing List for Your Umrah Trip

Packing List for Your Umrah Trip

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The journey of Umrah is a whole new experience. People coming for Umrah for the first time must seek a basic knowledge of Umrah and must know the stuff being used during the Umrah trip. It is believed the reward of Umrah during Ramadan is equating to “Hajj” so people come to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan more often. Choose wisely the Umrah agent who is constant and honorable. Many agencies offer different Umrah packages you can choose All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages that suit you. Some known agencies are offering a 10 days Umrah package 2023 you can get a customized umrah package as well.

Make a packing list it will help you through packing. It is always better to list down all the essentials for your umrah trip so you would not forget anything which you might require! Following is a checklist of things to be carried out for the umrah trip.

List of Documents:
Make sure you are carrying all the travel documents that are required before you leave for Hajj or Umrah after booking Cheap December umrah packages.

· Passport
· NIC Card
· Airline Ticket
· Transport Vouchers or Tickets.
· Vaccinations Certificate.
· Relationship Certificate (in case you are travelling with your spouse)
· Receipts of payments made for Umrah.

If you have booked your tickets online, you need to show them when required.

List of stuff:

1. Extra copies of all your documents.
2. Ihram is the foremost essential for Umrah (for men)
3. 7 to 8 light and breathable hijabs (for women)
4. Towel
5. Pairs of foot ware
6. A foldable Umbrella
7. Unscented travel size Soaps and Shampoo
8. Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, and mouthwash if you require it.
9. Face and hand washing soaps, and detergent in case you need to wash any of your cloth.
10. Pair of shades to prevent eyes from extreme sunlight
11. Blister Patches
12. Nail Cutter
13. Scissors
14. A small knife for cutting fruits! (Keep in mind do not bring Nail Cutters, Scissors and knife in your hand carry; place them in your luggage)
15. Primary Medicines like Disprin, Ponstan, Panadol, Strepsils, and Cough Syrup.
16. Tissue Papers and Toilet Tissue Rolls
17. Some Nuts, dates dry Fruits or a few packs of biscuits.
18. Some extra packed juices. It is always better to carry extra juices in your bag.
19. Hot and Cool Water Bottles are available on market. Buy a good quality hot and cool water bottle as it keeps water cool for a long if you poured cool water into the bottle.
20. A prayer Mat.
21. Tea Bags and water heater for making tea!
22. A Travel iron
23. Power Bank, extra chargers and an extra phone
24. The weather is so hot in Makkah! Always Carry Sunblock, face creams to prevent sun exposure and Petroleum Jelly.
25. Air conditioning inside Al-Haram causes dryness so carry a moisturizer in your backpack.
26. Extra Travel bag in case you are bringing gifts for your loved ones.

Making a list is always a nice idea as it helps you to organize your stuff in a better way.

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Abdullahsaif travel blog images

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