Steps to setup canon printer

Steps to setup canon printer

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Canon all-in-one inkjet printers are suitable for home, business, school and others to improve productivity. Based on your requirements, it offers a type of printer including PIXMA, etc. You need to consider a few factors when choosing an inkjet printer for yourself. Later, you can easily configure your Canon printer via drivers at, wireless connection, USB, and some components.

A Quick Guide to Canon Printer Setup

Make sure your printer hardware is configured.

In your PC's browser, go to

Click Configure.

Using your Canon IJ printer model, download the printer software.

Double click to install it.

Connect a network to your printer and PC.

Finish the Canon IJ printer setup.

How to Set Up the Canon Printer Wirelessly

Two main points are important in the configuration of Canon models and one is: the Canon printer driver downloads, and the other is the hardware configuration. You can exchange both the first and the last. We will install the software first and then the hardware configuration.


Step 1: prepare your Canon printer
Make sure you have configured your canon printer hardware with a power connection. Next, configure the hardware display and prepare your printer.
Step 2: go to the official Canon website
Open a web browser on your PC or laptop, enter the URL canon com/ijsetup in the web search address tab and click "Configure (start here)" to proceed to the next one.
Step 3: enter your Canon printer model
Look at the front or top of your printer to find the model name, then enter it on the official canon site when the model name box appears. You can also scroll down the page and select your Canon printer.
Step 4: Click Download to start the software download
You are on the download page, so please check or select your current operating system in the upper right. Then click on the "Download" tab and select an option such as Save, Save As Directions.
Step 5: tap WiFi or select "Wireless LAN" on your printer
This step depends on your type of printer. If the printer has a direct button, press "Direct", otherwise, press the "WiFi" or WPS button or select "Wireless LAN" on the screen.
Step 6: press the WPS button on your wireless router
Make sure your router is turned on, then press the WPS button. The lights will blink to connect the WiFi / wireless network with your inkjet printer.
Step 7: WiFi is connected to your printer
If you see stable WiFi lights on your printer or a "Connected" status, your canon is connected to WiFi or a wireless network.
Step 8: Run the installation file on your PC, laptop
 Now browse to the location of the file you downloaded from canon com/ijsetup and double click to start the installation on your PC. Make sure you agree to the software license terms.
Step 9: Select the installation connection method
The installation screen shows some connection methods, therefore, you must select the option of wireless or WPS connection method and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 10: finish the wireless setup of the Canon printer
If the list of printers appears, select your printer's model name and add it to your system. Otherwise, you can add the printer manually from the start menu. You are done with the Canon Inkjet wireless printer setup.


Canon inkjet printers are widely used throughout the world. It is the combination of ink, printed text, images, and graphics print output. These models are easy to use and offer excellent creative printing solutions. You can buy Ij printers at an affordable price that meets your requirements and setup it through canon/ij setup. Print output is available in multiple colors (depending on the ink you use). For assistance, you can contact us.

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