How to Forward Unnecessary Emails in Outlook?

How to Forward Unnecessary Emails in Outlook?

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Formerly known as MSN, Outlook is indeed a must-have free webmail service for those who want a complete organised structure with a variety of email features. If you are an Outlook user; you may know about it flawless compatibility on smartphone devices such as Android, Windows Phone and iOS. So what’s so special about it and what makes it so different?

Well, one of the major reasons is that, with extra toppings (features) enable 2fa outlook also offers a filtering strategy; can be used to organise your messages in an accessible form. If this sounds familiar, you have found the right blog! As Microsoft Support will cover everything you needed to get rid of unnecessary emails:

¡  To forward all incoming message from your Outlook account to a different mail address, follow the steps.

¡  Visit Outlook’s official website and enter your username with the password on the Sign in page.

¡  Once you successfully log into the account, click the Settings Gear at the top of your window.

¡  From the drop-down menu, choose Options to continue further.

¡  Here, select the Forwarding link beside on the sidebar.

¡  As you do this, click Accounts under the Mail tab.

¡  Here, select Start Forwarding. (To stop forwarding future emails, select Stop Forwarding and halt the process.)

¡  Provide an email address to get all incoming messages/emails to a forwarded email address.

¡  To retain copies of forwarded emails, check the box beside ‘Keep a copy of forwarded messages’. But if you don’t want to keep copies of messages, leave the box and the Microsoft’s Outlook will not keep it.

¡  Once you're done with the above procedures, click the Save button to apply changes.

The above steps are easy to understand and easier to comprehend. But still, if you encounter any issue you can contact our experts via our Our well-trained technicians will not only assist you through this entire process, but they will also avail you with effective solutions for some other issues you might encounter.

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outlook2fasetup travel blog images

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