Bantayan Island Philippines

Bantayan Island Philippines

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Bantayan Island Itinerary & Guide To Santa Fe Town

When travelling around the Philippines, it’s so hard to decide which islands to visit and explore. There are over 7600 of them and they’re still counting! Madness! Many of the easier to get to islands are getting crowded with tourists and development is spoiling the beauty. We experienced this first hand in popular areas like Boracay and Bohol. But there are islands, not too far from the well-trodden path, that aren’t visited by too many tourists. These islands can allow for an untouched Philippine paradise experience. Bantayan Island is one of these destinations.

The island has three main towns; Bantayan, Madridejos and Santa Fe, but Santa Fe is the only town with tourist amenities such as accommodation, restaurants and nice beaches. For this reason, add staying in Santa Fe to your Bantayan Island itinerary. Santa Fe is incredibly convenient as the ferry from Hagnaya pulls into the town’s pier. From the Santa Fe pier, it’ll be a quick tricycle ride or walk to your accommodation.

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Info courtesy of: Erika Oquiana *

Travel itinerary - Bantayan Island, Cebu with the expenses occurred. It will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to travel and visit there.

Places to Visit:
📷 Kota Beach
📷 Ruins
📷 Ogtong Cave
📷 Virgin Island

Getting there:
Gumising ng maaga pag may lakad kasi excited diba?

☀️ Mga bess be sure to leave Bacolod City before 7am para makaabot sa sched ng boat. From Bacolod City North Terminal ride a bus going to Cadiz City, fare is P100.00 sa aircon para comfy diba? Travel time is more or less 1 hour.

☀️ Tell the driver to drop you in Bantayan tricycle parking area.
🌴 Ride a trike for about 15 mins going to Cadiz Port fare is P25.00.

☀️ Boat Departs 9:00AM, pero wag umasa bess kasi it depends upon the number of passengers. One trip lang po per day, TAKE NOTE ONE TRIP lang per day. If passengers reached the total number larga agad sila even if it's not yet 9 in the morning. Boat Fare is P300.00 per pax.

☀️ Two and half hours from Cadiz Port to Bantayan Port. Pag wala ka tulog bess take a nap muna may 2 hours kapa.

☀️ Pagdating ng Bantayan Port wag ma excite agad, malayo pa ang pupuntahan bess. Ride a sikad for P10.00 or pede ding lakarin going to the tricycle parking going to Sta. Fe Cebu. Travel time mga 30 mins. Fare from Bantayan port to Sta. Fe P25.00 per pax.

We booked our room at Payag ni JK, maganda kasi beach front siya and
Comfy naman yong room kasi tutulugan mo nmn lng sya eh the whole day wala ka naman mag iikot ka so reasonable naman ang price na nakuha namin.

Kung gusto nyo maglibot sa Sta. Fe you can rent a bike for P150.00 a day or if you know how to ride a motorbike you can rent it for P300.00 a day plus gasoline.

Eto na mga bess let the adventure begin! By the way nga pala, we are not really familiar of the place nag GPS lang kmi and tanong tanong. Indi ka naman mawawala as long as you follow directions.

🌴 Indi lang sa Bacolod may Ruins bess meron din sa Bantayan Island kaso nga lang indi sya the same sa aura it's just alll haligi.

🌴I can't believe I was able to be and get pictures at the same place where the Camp Sawi movie was taken! My gosh besh I believe naka panood ka noon? Kung single ka ehh di makakarelate ka. But kmi relate na relate kmi!

🌴You don't have to worry walang entrance fee dito. You can take picture as much as you want. You can cliff dive here too and ligo wala bayad bess. Lunurin mo self mo kung sawi ka!

🌴 Bess, indi complete ang bakasyon mo dito if you skip Virgin island. Although I tell you frankly mahal dito but bess it's all worth it!

🌴 We rented a boat for P800.00 a day going to Virgin island. P500 ang entrance fee.

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ArtRosalejos November 7th, 2018

You should be at Cadiz seaport at 5-6AM since there is only one boat going to Bantayan everyday.
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leedongwook2000 April 26th, 2018

nice post. i love the place. been to banytayan twice and I still can't get over it. Im planning to take my family there with me this coming May via Cadiz. any tips of how to secure a nice seat on their pumpboat going bantayan? Ive head that besides Super SM pumpboat, Cadiz already have this ferry (bigger than super sm) which can accommodate more passengers). Do you have any idea of their schedules and port of depature/arrival? Thank you

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