Isla Gigantes - The Sanctuary of beautiful people, wonderful islands and awesome beaches.

Isla Gigantes - The Sanctuary of beautiful people, wonderful islands and awesome beaches.

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For me, Isla gigantes is a living museum. God blessed these islands with beautiful living treasures. Isla Gigantes is one of the best travel destinations in the Philippines. There, you can see high rise limestones like in Coron Palawan, blue-green crystal clear water like in Cebu, wonderful islands like in Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. But what makes Isla Gigantes Unique? It's the people I met there. Their hospitality and warm welcome made me feel like I am not a stranger. You can always see them smiling, willing to help and give assistance.

Actually, Isla Gigantes is out of my bucketlist but because of my friends who went there, their feedback made me realize to explore this place. And I never regret because of great experience that is worth sharing.

Here are some of the most visited islands in Gigantes:

🌴Pulupandan Island
It is an island where you can see beautiful limestones and rock formation. What makes this island unique is because of only one coconut tree that is standing in the center. Congratulations to this coconut tree for surviving alone.

🌴Cabugao Gamay
It is the most photographed and famous island in Gigantes. It is two islands which are being connected by sandbar. Little coconut trees bring spectacular ambiance. Visitors can trek to a small mountain to see the incredible beauty of Cabugao Gamay

🌴Tanke Lagoon
It is a living swimming pool of Gigantes. High limestones and rock formations made you feel that you are in Coron Palawan. You can feel the spirit of nature while your body is being baptized. Nature heals your broken heart in Tanke Lagoon.

🌴The lighthouse and the ruins
The first time I saw the ruins made reminisced the Spanish times in the Philippines. This old house was being designed by love. Roots of Balete tree are living designs on its walls. It creates natural aura and living Spanish history in the area.

🌴Antonia Island
For me, it is the island that has the finist sand in Gigantes. Rocks are like being filed intentionally. It is like a living stones that create peace. It takes away badvibes.

🌴The Bantigue Sandbar
Sandbar is famous in the Philippines and Gigantes never left away. Jumpshots photos are mostly being captured here. The current of water is really strong, and it makes you feel you are being pushed by a living water.

And one of my favorites, unlimited seafood. Scallops, crabs, fish, and oysters. They also served native chicken tinola. And what makes these islands a true living story is the hospitality and warm welcome. Ilonggos will make you feel that we are one family. We maybe strangers at some times but they will accept you whole-heartedly.

Island Gigantes is really a living sanctuary of beautiful people, wonderful islands and awesome beaches.

Shout out to Mr. Rhett Paul Bolivar for taking care of our tour. The best awesome experience ever.

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ArtRosalejos travel blog images

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