The Unspoiled and Untouched Sipalay

The Unspoiled and Untouched Sipalay

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The Unspoiled and Untouched Sipalay

I am going to share my travel experience in my beloved hometown, the jewel of sugar island, Sipalay City.

Sipalay City is located in the southern part of Negros Occidental. We got beautiful white sand beaches here. I cannot imagine my gratitude that once I spent my life in this beautiful place on earth. As you can see, wonderful photos, that only conveys that God blessed this town with elegant and awesome tourist destinations that should be part of your bucketlist.

To my fellow solo traveler and backpacker, join me as I travel around to the unspoiled and untouched beauty of Sipalay.

From Bacolod City you can take a bus going to Southern Negros, it takes 4-5 hours to reach Sipalay. When you are already in the city proper, you can hire a tricycle going to barangay 4 where most of the resorts are located. As you approach the city, white sand beaches welcomes you with pride and sincerity of the people there.

As a solo traveler, I always utilize my GPS to know where I am currently located, that gives me peace of mind that I am still on track.

Here are some suggested places to visit in Sipalay:
1. Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
2. Perth Paradise
3. Punta Ballo white Sand Beach
4. Campomanes Bay
5. Langub Beach.

I promised you guys, that this place is one of our last frontiers. I keep on dreaming and hoping that someday, I will land my feet to all the places here in the Philippines. Honestly, it is too much expensive to travel especially to those who are just normal earners. But it doesn't mean that we cannot afford to travel. As much as you do a research, tight your budget and expenses and keep on saving money, I know that this dream will come true.

Some of you will say, you can travel because you have a lot of money. Ofcourse not, it's just a matter of prioritizing ang saving money. Because I believe if you want, then you'll find way. "kung gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan."

Travelling is not just a hobby, for me it is an investment to myself. I don't wanna grow old without any experiences to look back. That once in my life I have been to that and these places. Travelling is education, I learned to appreciate God's creation and have a close relationship with Him.

When I go away, it is like I am living in a live museum, yes it's true. I find peace and expose myself to the things I should have experience to make my life better. When you go away, you'll meet new friends, and that's what I like so much. Every person is unique and you can learn from every individual's story. Living someone's life is totally different from just reading autobiography. Travelling is creating a memories and look forward for the possibilities in life. It is showcasing a positivity and creating good vibes. It's creating an impact to someone's life.
I am Art Rosalejos and I am your 'Dear Travel Diary'

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