Performance and Knowledge Evidence of chcece005

Performance and Knowledge Evidence of chcece005

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 Performance and Knowledge Evidence of chcece005

Are you looking for CHCECE005 task answers and wondering what you need to showcase as performance and knowledge evidence? Read this blog to get an insight.

Performance Evidence

It will be checked whether you have

provided safe and sanitary care to at least three distinct newborns and toddlers of various ages, including:
recognising and reacting to the requirements of newborns, such as hunger, discomfort, exhaustion, and pain

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establishing a secure atmosphere in which to relax
Changing diapers
preparing bottles, heating breast milk, and formula, and preparing and cooking food
Built a caring and firm connection for at least three separate newborns of various ages.
watching, monitoring, and appropriately interacting with new newborns and toddlers and their caretakers to help them settle in
interacting with newborns and toddlers on a one-on-one basis throughout regular routines

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Helped three newborns or toddlers of varying ages to learn, involving:
recognising and responding to the clues and language of newborns and toddlers
beginning and modelling language
creating interesting conditions that encourage the development of new skills
praising their efforts to learn new skills
promoting their emotional and psychological health

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You have to accomplish this task within a period of 120 hours, in at least one regulated education and care service.

Knowledge Evidence

You will need to showcase knowledge of:

the National Quality Framework
the National Quality Standards
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
the authorised learning framework in question
how to locate topics relevant to this unit of competency by navigating through framework and standards documents
infection control recommendations
dietary and nutritional requirements of infants and toddlers
babies and toddlers' social development
signs of distress
attachment theory
physical, emotional, and language development of babies
differences in the rest patterns of individual toddlers
various families' habits and rituals, as well as their underlying cultural or

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personal reasons
safe and unsafe practices
the development of the brain in infants and toddlers
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