Lost in Palawan 🌴

Lost in Palawan 🌴

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Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines 🇵🇭 

This is my DIY travel in Palawan 👣

I booked my round trip flight last March 2017 from Philippine Airlines for just 2200 php and that’s Cebu - Coron then Puerto Princesa - Cebu ✈️

I booked all the 3 hostels 2 months before
my flight. 🏭 I’m a backpacker so I don’t need fancy hotels. 👌

I stayed in Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse in Coron ( 550 php per night for a fan room good for 2 pax twin bed ) for inquiries email them at padie71@yahoo.com

For El Nido, Cliffside Cottages ( 500 php per night fan room good for 2 pax twin bed ) Contact Number: +639173209149

In Puerto Princesa, Your Space Pension House ( 200 php per night aircon room dormitory type good for 4 persons in a room ) Contact Number: +639178908230

Note: All the hostels mentioned are located in the town proper so no hassle in choosing nearby restaurants ☝️

For the food 🥘  it ranges from 100 - 250 php per meal but you can eat in small eateries or Karenderya if you’re on a tight budget 💰

For my Calauit Safari Tour in Coron I booked it with JY Travel and Tours 2500 php all in with buffet lunch and side trip: Concepcion Falls and Malbato Church. ( I also recommend K Tours for the Safari Tour, since it’s not available for that day I booked it in JY instead. They have the same package price.)

For my Island Hopping tour I booked it with K Tours and I chose the Coron Ultimate Tour for 1600 php all in with buffet lunch and 6 stop overs.

We did not enjoy our stay in El Nido coz it was raining but here are the prices for the island tours:
Tour A: 1300 php Tour B: 1200 Tour C: 1300 Tour D: 1100. I recommend you choose Tour A & C if you’re just staying 3 nights in El Nido. They also offer inland tour that includes the famous Nacpan Beach and Las Cabañas Beach ( perfect for Sunset ) for 1100 php. All the said tours have buffet lunch. Also you can climb to Taraw without risking your life via Ferrata for an overlooking view of El Nido that’s 400 php each with guide.

You can book your Underground River Tour in El Nido or Puerto Princesa, price ranges from 1500 - 2000 php depends on the agency. We’re not able to do it coz’ of the bad weather. It sucks! 😔

PPS City Tour is 700 php on a tricycle good for 2 pax for 4-5 hours. Lunch not included.

There are 2 Island Hopping Activities in Puerto Princesa the Honda Bay Tour 1100 php and Dos Palmas for 800 php with Buffet Lunch but Environmental fee of 150 php not included.

Tip: Please bring your own Snorkel Gear, Fins, Aqua Shoes to avoid renting also Sunblock and Mineral Water!

Hope this will help you on your future trip to Palawan 😘 enjoy! 🤗

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roland11 December 30th, 2022

Large proportion of young population and evolving taste preferences are having a considerable influence on the growth trajectory of the market in the region.

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knobbyforebitt October 5th, 2022

I went with JY Travel & Tours for my Calauit Safari Tour in Coron, and they charged me 2500 PHP for the whole thing, which included a buffet lunch pacman 30th anniversary and two optional side trips to Concepcion Falls and Malbato Church. Since the Safari Tour I wanted to book wasn't offered on that day, I made arrangements for another tour with JY. The cost of both bundles is same.
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melots12 February 21st, 2018

Thanks @BSmyth 😍 hope
You can visit my country soon
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BSmyth February 21st, 2018

Amazing scenery :)
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Ara November 13th, 2017

Hi! I'm a traveler too from the Philippines! :) Hope you can follow me back! Thank you!

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