A Quickie to Remember

A Quickie to Remember

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Airplane mode on haha....
5:30 am flight Manila to Palawan Puerto Princesa. The main reason why we book this flight is because we have to renew our passport because upon checking on the website of Department of Foreign Affairs there is no slots available in Manila in all branches until January 2018 so the only DFA branch that has a lot of slots was in Robinsons Mall Puerto Princesa. So the whole family from Manila we had to go to Puerto  Princesa for the renewal of our passport and we decided to have a quikie getaway as well. 

Day 1

we arrived in Puerto Princesa at 7am so after getting our baggage we went to our Hotel to Check in . We stayed at Aziza Hotel . I love this Hotel because even though its a public hotel when you stay here it feels like you are in a private hotel , lots of privacy , the hotel is not crowded especially in the Swimming pool area. I also love their food the food taste good comfort food I must say.

Honda Bay Island Tour

After we check in at our hotel we went to Honda Bay for our day tour Island hopping .

1.) Starfish Island

The first stop on the list of our itinerary . The boat package cost php 1,100 per head it includes 3 island hopping and free lunch .
we had our lunch here at this Island . our lunch was different kinds of seafood and chicken and white rice not bad . I like the crytal clear water on this Island and the white sand as well . The view is magnificent and i feel that im on a vacation mode hahaha. we only stayed at this island for about 1 hour we ate lunch and we took pictures and left for the second stop of our tour

2.) Luli Island

Second stop of our Island Hopping tour. This is Luli Island out of all the Islands that weve seen this is my favorite Island because of the white sand and and again the crytsal clear water. This Island has a diving board. I like this Island because its not crowded there is a privacy here and while we were swimming the small fish are swimming with us such an amazing experince . we only stayed here for 30 minutes so sad hehehe.

3.) Cowrie  Island
Our Last stop for our day tour Island Hopping . Cowrie Island lots of activities here you can play volleyball on the sand , they also have bars where you can chill and get drunk hahaha and they also have canoe where you can rent but this Island is very crowded so many tourist hehehe . This is the only  Island that has a shower area where you can wash and changed your clothes. we only stayed here for about 30 minutes because our schedule in DFA was at 4 pm we left this Island at 3:30 pm 

After our day tour we went back in the hotel to change and we went immediately to Robinson DFA . We were able togo to DFA at 4:15 pm so when we arrive in DFA Robinsons there was no line , not crowded ,  The renewal of our passport was fast and the furious hahaha smooth sailing all the way , we finish our renewal at 5pm after the renewal we went back at the hotel to have dinner . The food was good so good and the price in the hotel for their restaurant is not expensive very affordable.

After dinner were so damn tired we just slept early at 8pm we are all sound asleep zzzzzzzz..... hehe

Day 2
we had buffet breakfast at the hotel 

The food was good not bad at all. After eating our breakfast we took a bath and we swam at the pool nobody was in the pool but us imagine alot of guests are checking in but we have all the privacy we want and need.

After swimming at 11pm we packed our things and we check out at the hotel by 12 pm . The whole fambam is headed for our half city tour of Puerto Princesa

1.) Kainato Restaurant

The food was very affordable and it tastes good. Most of their waiters are deaf , I love the fact that this restaurant gives deaf people a chance to work and to be able to erarn a living. I just wish that they have a branch in Manila

2.) Crocodile Farm Palawan

2nd stop of our tour Crocodile farm. the tour is just 30 minutes. Im not scared at look at the crocodiles im just scared at the platform that we are standing on because its old and rusty and we are all standing on it so if it breaks we will plunge into the crocodles below us ready to devour us scary hehehe. I wasnt able to eat this Crocodile Sisig because we dont have time to dine in and eat but they say that it takes like chicken . 

3.) Senator Mitra's House

2nd stop of our halof day city tour . you have to pay php 20.00 for entrance fee . I like the fact that his house was turned into a tourist spot . The house has a 360 degrees view its soamazing to be able to see the sea what a beautiful house and view . There are alot of activities in this house there is Horse Back riding and Zipline and a lot of stuff.we only stayed here for only 30 minutes so sad we dont have time to explore all the activities here .

4.) Baker's Hill Palawan

This is my favorite place to be . Its a park and that has a bakery there is no entrance fee its a park that is free for all . I love the interior of this park so many thinngs to do in this park , The desserts in the bakery is good yummy good for my hungry tummy. I just wish again that they have a branch in Manila hehehe

5.) Pasalubong Market

Our last stop this is the end of our half day city tour and we bought pasalubongs and stuff . I love the interior of their tricycle its unique and groovy .

Airport going back home to Manila

Our Flight was 7 pm but unfortunately our flight was so so so delayed we were able to board at 11pm manila wow the waiting time is so long but this trip even if its short i had so much fun . I would go back here again ...

Family Is Love .....
Family is Life....
Thank you God for the Gift of Life and the Gift of my Family amen...
Until Next time .....
Until Next trip and adventure :)

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