The Health Advantages of Ejaculation

The Health Advantages of Ejaculation

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There are numerous reasons why having a healthy sex life is good for your health, longevity, and overall happiness. Sex is a kind of workout that raises your heart rate in all the right places. Orgasms and ejaculation release oxytocin, which emotionally connects you to your partner and increases your happiness and contentment. Ejaculating may improve your happiness, immunity, and possibly add years to your life. This is how.

Ejaculating Is Beneficial to Your Heart
Sex is an essential element of life. The cardiovascular and sexual activities of 952 men were investigated in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study during a 17-year period. The study discovered that sex and ejaculation are crucial to a man's vitality: men who had sex 2 to 4 times a week had a 45 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than men who had sex once a month. That is a heart-pounding statistic.

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Cancer can be prevented by ejaculating.
Ejaculating not only has cardiac advantages but has also been shown to greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one out of every nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, resulting in an estimated 175,000 new cases per year in the United States.

According to studies, men who ejaculate 21 times or more per month (with a partner or alone) have a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer. That is an undeniable advantage.

Ejaculating Can Add Years to Your Life
Research published in The British Medical Journal analyzed the sexual activity and lifespan of Welsh villages and found that having sex on a regular basis lowered the chance of mortality by almost half. While this does not imply that regular ejaculation leads to immortality, it may add up to 4 years to a man's lifetime. (And what a way to live.)

Ejaculation has several advantages. Healthy erections are required for frequent ejaculations. Erectile dysfunction impacts not just your relationship but also your chances of optimum health, which is why erectile dysfunction prevention and therapy are so crucial.

Poor blood supply to the penis is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in males. This is due to atherosclerosis, which is a hardening of the arteries that causes an accumulation of tiny plaque, blocking sufficient blood flow for powerful erections.

Many men suffering from atherosclerosis resort to ED drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, which may temporarily alleviate the problem but lose their efficiency after 4 hours or less. Using ED drugs hinders spontaneity in your sexual interactions and is merely a temporary remedy. When used with nitrates, these drugs may have unusual and possibly fatal adverse effects, including abrupt visual or hearing loss.

Say hello to happiness with Healthwave Physicians Institute.
The Gain Wave for erectile dysfunction is the only treatment that addresses ED at its root cause – poor blood flow. The GAINS Wave uses low-frequency acoustic waves to open and regenerate damaged blood capillaries while also stimulating new blood vessel development. This professionally established medication also breaks down the accumulation of tiny plaque, which causes atherosclerosis and ED. The GAINS Wave for ED is non-invasive, has no downtime, and is drug and surgery-free, resulting in long-term results.

Contact us now to make your first visit for more information about the Gains Wave and how Health Wave Physicians Institute can assist you.

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