Cool Tourist Spots to Check Out When You Travel to Dubai!

Cool Tourist Spots to Check Out When You Travel to Dubai!

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We all dream of having the opportunity to travel whenever we can. While it’s easy to pack our bags up and booking our flights, choosing where to go and spend your precious vacation time is quite another exciting story. Look no further than the glamorous and lovely country of Dubai! This country is known for its popular luxury shopping malls, mind-blowing architecture and unique culture which will surely leave an impeccable impression on you (just like what it did to us) especially if it’s your first time to visit and explore it. While you might think that it’s only about unique places that present picture-worthy architectural designs, it turns out, that it’s not the only thing which makes this country extraordinary. The country will surprise you as it offers a wide variety of activities. These are perfect for all those adrenaline junkies looking for adventures and want to make the most of their vacation.

Here are the following fascinating tourist spots that you may explore and would definitely noteworthy to include on your bucket list! :) 

Burj Khalifa

This is one of the most iconic spots in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is popularly characterized as “the world’s tallest building” and considered as the city’s landmark. It is true that the city is pack with sight-seeing attractions that would mesmerize anyone’s eyes. Just imagine climbing and being able to go on top of this building! Yes, it is possible because a trip to the 124th floor or what they call the “observation deck” is a must-do while exploring the city. There’s an elevator fast enough to enable you to go up the deck. It’s enchanting to view the city skyline where you would really appreciate how lovely Dubai is. However, it’s not easy to gain access to slick observation deck experience because of the number of visitors trying to get in. It will be much convenient if you would buy your Burj Khalifa “At The Top” ticket in advance to be able to save more time. Sounds fun right?  Yikes! You should give it a try.

The Miracle Garden

 It is a bright and sunny day! Planning where to go next to gain another memorable experience in this breathtaking city? The Miracle Garden is absolutely the answer for your yearning heart. Many visitors are attracted to this wonderfully designed garden as it makes them appreciate more the beauty of our nature. The place is oozing with more than 60 million flowers on display. It gives you a feel of walking through paradise! It’s been said that floral structures are redesigned every year to more appealing figures to ensure and give visitors thrilling experience. So grab your camera, bring your friends and family here and strike a pose.

Jumeirah Mosque

There is this mysterious yet exciting feeling you get when you hear a place being called a Mosque. The Jumeirah Mosque is a wonderful place to explore as it will expose you to more Arabic and Islamic culture. The structure is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition and described as the most beautiful and photographed among mosques located in Dubai. While it’s already gorgeous to look at on the outside, you will be more enchanted when you go inside because it provides deeper understanding of muslim faith. Please be reminded that women are required to bring scarf when visiting. Furthermore, they should wear pants or skirts below the knee and long sleeves. This is a sign of respect that has been traditionally practised many years ago.

Dubai Mall

While we are done exploring some of Dubai’s exquisite outdoor tourist spots, isn’t it nice to chill and find a place to eat or shop while hanging out with your loved ones? Then, you should consider Dubai Mall as one of the must-go-to places because who wants to be left behind with what makes this country tick?! This shopping mall isn’t just like any other mall as it provides many entertainment options that will surely make you want to go back here again and again.

Dubai Aquarium, located at the ground floor of Dubai Mall. 

You heard that right! The reason is that aside from shopping and dining experience, it also gives visitors a handful of activities to indulge themselves in some of these are entries to Dubai Aquarium and Burj Khalifa Building or attend some special events like music festivals, fashion shows and much more. So what are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself to have some down time and just enjoy comfortably at Dubai Mall ;)

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

If going to the beautiful Miracle Garden took you by surprise by transporting you to another paradise (because it feels like one), likewise Atlantis will definitely give you a boost of adrenaline. The exciting thing about this place is that cool activities are waiting for visitors like Dolphin/Shark encounters, spectacular rides and slides or simply fine yet enjoyable experiences like shopping and eating at fancy restaurants.  There are many fun things to do at Atlantis because it is truly more than just a hotel and resort. Rest assured that paying a visit in this awesome theme-park is a worthwhile and unforgettable one!


So there you have it folks! I have just shared with you some of the world-famous tourist spots to check out when you fly to Dubai. There are more interesting places to discover so you should brace yourselves for an amazing experience!! :)

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Lorielyn Magsino travel blog images

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nishaknapp August 10th, 2022

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mobiyaq January 15th, 2018

hey thanks a bundle. much needed information. :) last time on my visit i didn't know anything as it was my first dubai city tour so had much problems with the locations, weather etc etc. But this time i have researched a lot before taking off :)

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