6 Erectile Dysfunction Secrets - Things You Should Know

6 Erectile Dysfunction Secrets - Things You Should Know

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General Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the inability to get or keep an erection that is sufficient to ensure a good sexual experience. Most men be affected at some stage during their lifetime, typically at the age of 40 or more. It is believed that as high as 30 million males could have been affected within the United States alone. Vidalista 60 is one of the best and very effective medication for treat ED in men.

Many of the affected males have continuous, complete erectile dysfunction as well as others who experience short or partial erections. It is typically a problem that affects to more than half of the males between 50 and 70 years old, even though it's not an inevitable result of normal ageing. At this point the erectile dysfunction issue is usually caused by physical issues, for example:

high blood pressure
high cholesterol
kidney disease
Multiple sclerosis and alcoholism
injuries resulting from accidents
negative side effects that can be caused by a drug
hormone disorders
Surgery, trauma to the pelvis and radiation therapy
Venous leak
smoking (most significant risk factor for impotence)

Erectile Dysfunction is easily identified by following methods:

Physical Examining: Is the procedure of examining the physical part of male organs. This will clearly determine the degree of penis sensitivity to touch. Penis characteristics that are unusual may be seen during the examination , which could suggest the root of the problem. Physical aspects of the patient is assessed to identify any possible causes for the problem.

Psychosocial Examens: This process involves responding to questionnaires and interview.

In order to help patients effectively treat erectile dysfunction, we've listed the most recent 5 treatments for erectile disfunction.

1. Vacuum Devices This is mechanically operated device used to induce erection through the creation of the illusion of a partial vacuum. This allows blood to flow into the penis. This will allow the penis to expand.

2. Surgery - This procedure involves the implanting of a machine that causes the penis to be straight, and reconstruction of arteries to increase the flow of penis blood, and blocking off veins which allow blood to flow out of those penile tissue.

3. Sex Therapy: A lot of males who experience infertility are caused by psychological factors.

4. Self Injection - This method involves using an extremely small needle to inject medication on the penis's side which can cause an erection that lasts from a half-hour to a few hours.

5. Oral Medication - Erectile Dysfunction pills are available on prescription. They can be taken daily to treat erectile dysfunction. The most well-known drugs include Cialis (Tadalip 20) as well as Viagra (Malegra 100).

6. Herbal Pills They are the most recent treatment options for Erectile dysfunction. They have the same effects as the most popular impotence pills but with minimal or no result.


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