Visitig Philippines fourth time around to gain new memories

Visitig Philippines fourth time around to gain new memories

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Visiting Philippines again fourth time around this time as a photographer for streetlife and visiting family made it much better in a sense of more sights and colors via my lenses.  Arriving in Manila, already the heat and humidity of it all surrounds oneself towards a mild week of rainy weather, I finally decided to take more pictures in a sense not just of rememberance but of pleasure looking for that right moment in my shot. My previous camera RIP to it was a Canon Powershot A1000IS towards upgrading myself to a DSLR being a Nikon D7000.   I had both lenses, a Nikor 35mm and a 50mm in a lenses bags, so this time around I could capture more interesting streetphotography ideas to editing still using my tablet via numerous apps.   Here are some of my choices:

Airdroid (Perfect for transfering files to your Android based phone or tablet)
Adobe (of course) being their Photoshop Express CC and Lightroom CC.
Snapseed (Basic good editing to minor touches after using Lightroom or Photoshop Express)
VSCO (Another one of my favorites for editing pictures to make them Instagramable) 

    "What goes wrong will go wrong," hestiation strucks when the first few days of being here in Orani, Bataan were rainy days reduced me to cellphone pictures for awhile posted a few on my instagram: ramonb3rd if any of my readers decided to take a glance at it.   When the weather turned better, I finally brought out my Nikon D7000 enjoying the vibrance and the color of the Philippines lifestyle and culture.  Travel tips to Southern Asia made me remember to always stay hydrated using 12 peso bottled water, funny thought around here that's less than $.25 in the states.  It's amazingly 51 pesos now to the US dollars.

    If the humidity doesn't get you the heat will, but I ventured here four times already and minorily getting used to it but luckily around more, my eye for photography became much better than before using a point and click camera and my GoPro Hero3.  As always with traveling, it's just the experiencing and exploring that new sense of mind of place.  As I keep saying in my personal vlogs, always remember Keep Exploring my friends.

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ramonb3rd travel blog images

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