Tips for Traveling Moms - Have a Nanny to Enjoy Your Journey

Tips for Traveling Moms - Have a Nanny to Enjoy Your Journey

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Every journey starts at a point in life where moms like you want to taste some fresh breath away from the daily hustle and bustle of work, household chores and familiar surroundings. Expectations are high and it starts from the very moment you begin talking about a travel plan. You set the plan right, fix the dates, and pick an itinerary to make the best out of your vacation.

But there is a big chance to find your dreams collapse and things go upside down if you are not giving the required importance to the much-needed part of your trip, ‘Managing Your Kids’.

There is a common misconception among the traveling mommies that they know their children and it’s easy for them to manage the children while on a vacation. Yes, it’s true. Mothers can look after their kids and get the best out of them on almost every situation.

But what’s the point of planning a trip if you are getting ready to look after your kids while on a tour? Don’t you like to explore the new world around you? Have some personal moments to cherish?

It will not make any sense to plan a trip without a proper plan to take care of your kids throughout the journey, and if nothing done on that front, nothing is going to change for you except the destination you are in.

Here comes the importance of hiring a professional nanny and making use of their dedicated services. A qualified nanny not only assist you in keeping up with children, but she will get the kids engaged and active throughout, giving another dimension to their own tour experiences.

How my Nanny helped me during Dubai Trip

It was not in my initial Dubai tour plans to have a nanny along with us, but such an idea was suggested by one of my friends when I shared my travel plans with them. Her explanations of how a nanny helped her with children during a trip attracted my thoughts. I have made my decision and informed my hubby about it; he was more than happy to give it a go.

Compromising our privacy was the prime concern when we were allowing a stranger to follow us throughout the trip, but luckily it didn’t alter our plans much as we managed to find a right candidate from a legal agency offering the nanny Dubai services for expat families.

What we Looked for in our Nanny Candidate

As I have explained about the advantages of hiring a nanny brings to your trip, I must say now that everything depends on how you approach the processes of selecting your nanny. Here you can have a look at some important things to care in your pursuit to find a nanny candidate.

• Professional and Educational Profile

Yes, a nanny is tasked to look after the kids and hence she must be having enough skills to manage the situations and having sufficient educational qualifications to reflect it on how she guides the kids through the travel destinations and tour activities.

I have looked for a nanny with a bachelor’s degree and having passed the basic nanny training courses. When I approached the government approved nanny service provider Housekeeping Co in Dubai, they made it clear that all their nannies are given proper professional training and are all certified. It made our job easy to concentrate on only the educational qualifications.

• Experience Matters

I wanted my nanny to be an experienced person with 2 or more years of expertise in caring the children. If you are hiring a full time nanny for home, then a qualified fresh candidate will not be an issue, but while on a trip I can be sure of the fact that experience matters a lot.

It’s a bonus if you can find a nanny with a previous experience of helping a family on their vacation, moreover, it’s a fitting choice.

• Call Nanny’s References

I wanted to do a background check of the person before hiring and calling the nanny’s references made it a lot easier than I have expected. You should call two or three past employers of your nanny candidate and ask them some important questions regarding how they felt with that person.


A nanny is always going to be a nice addition to your travel plans if you are a mother with children to be taken care of. Consider the nanny selection as an important part of your preparation and follow the right ways to make a right call on a nanny candidate. Though you may feel it involves many processes, but I promise that it’s quite easy once you walk through those processes.

Get Ready for Some Great Family Travel Moments!!!

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