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This might be a typical itinerary but I’d still like to share it with you guys!

So my friends and I have opted to book a flight to Hong Kong. Probably, it’s going to be my second time visiting HK, (first was with my family) this time, I’m going back there with my friends!

Day 1- Oct 3

Hong Kong International Airport

Checked into our hostel in Kowloon

Don’t forget to purchase your Octopus card because it will help you a lot save money and time during the whole trip. We took pictures for a while and then headed to our hostel. 
Don’t exchange all your peso at the airport. Best place to change it in Worldwide Plaza which is located in Central. 

(Funny part: We got lost while we were on our way to the hostel.)

Day 2-Oct 4


We spent the entire day in Disneyland. It was my second time there but that place didn't fail to amaze me for the second time around. I even got more excited while entering the happiest place in the world!!! I was so happy to back with my friends and finally had shared some memories with them. 

The first thing that we did was, we watched THE LION KING and my memories as a child went back again because of this show. It was a total bliss watching my childhood movie! It even got me teary-eyed! The show was really amazing!!! Indeed!!! 

However, as we went out of the theater, it rained hard and had to find a place for us not get soaked. We went inside a restaurant near Tomorrow Land and had our lunch there. 

It was too much hassle for us since we didn't have any umbrellas with us, so we kept running from one to another place. 

We took a picture with Goofy, and took the long queue to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. After that, we took the train and went off after reaching Fantasyland. Then, we took pictures, roamed around and entered Mystic Manor. Right after that, we watched the parade. 

The next thing we did was, we went sightseeing around FantasyLand, Tomorrow Land and Main Street USA. 

We went back home around 7pm because we felt so exhausted and couldn't wait the fireworks anymore. (that's the quite sad part though) 

(Tip: Make sure to be there early so that you’ll be able to tour the entire place! But I’m telling you, it isn’t that easy! It’s totally exhausting.)


World Wide Plaza (this is where we exchanged our peso to hkd) It’s in Central Station

Sheung Wan Center 

***This is where we had redeemed our voucher of Cotaijet Ferry tickets going to Macau.***

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal

Taipa Ferry Terminal 

***From here we took the free shuttle going to The Venetian Hotel.***

The Venetian

***There’s a connection linkway which will brings you directly to The Parisian Macao.***

The Parisian

***We roamed around inside the hotel and tried to look for the Eiffel Tower.***

***From here, we went back to The Venetian and took a shuttle bus going to the Galaxy Hotel.***

Galaxy Hotel

***From Galaxy Hotel, we took the shuttle bus going to Star World Hotel.***

Star World Hotel 

***From here, we walked and headed to the Grand Lisboa Hotel.***

Grand Lisboa Hotel 

***From here we took the free shuttle bus going back to Taipa Ferry Terminal***

Go back to Hong Kong

(Unfortunately, we only had limited time because we left in Hong Kong around 12:40 pm and had to go back around 8:30pm. They couldn’t give us earlier schedule because it was holiday, so mostly the schedules were fully booked. Despite that, we had a lot of fun. We didn’t even spend much money during our trip in Macau.) 

Day 4-Oct 6

The Peak Tram 

Sky Terrace (The highest 360° viewing terrace in HK)

Sky 100 Observation Deck

Mongkok (Ladies Market)

(We have booked our Peak Tram and Sky Terrace activities from KLOOK! Sadly, we were late for our eleven o’clock schedule so we just got our tickets and had to fall in line for the tram. SO PLEASE. DO NOT BE LATE FOR YOUR SCHEDULE IF YOU HAVE ANY. BE PUNCTUAL. But, I think everything really happens for a reason. If we weren’t late, we wouldn’t have met one of the most popular comedians in Korea! So still, something good happened to us that day!)

Day 5-Oct 7

Plaza Hollywood 

(We roamed inside the mall before we headed to Nan Lian Garden)

Nan Lian Garden

(Personally, I got pretty amazed because the garden seemed to be built at the middle of the road in Kowloon.)

Tsim Tsa Tsui 

Victoria Harbour

Harbour Clock Tower

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Mongkok (Ladies Market)

Day 6-Oct 8

Back to Manila 

(Arrived at the airport around 6:00am because our flight to Manila was at 10:40am.) 



Booked our all activities from KLOOK. 
We only rode a taxi once during our first night in HK because we got lost on the way to our hostel. But most of our trips, we only took either MTR or buses. 
We brought some snacks and drinks during our trip.
We walked a lot.
We took all the free shuttle buses in Macau and never took a taxi. 
Always ask the locals or whoever can ask along the street. Just be aware because some of them do not really know how to speak English. 

Months before our trip, I made our itinerary and wrote down the places that we must visit. There were a lot but we didn’t really follow the plan. We didn’t want to exhaust ourselves that much. So we just went with the flow and enjoyed the entire trip.

Therefore,  we still have many reasons to go back to Hong Kong and Macau! 

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