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(Updated last October 20, 2017)

In this blog you will definitely be able to reach Bantayan Island without hassle from travel fare to food budget by the help of this very detailed blog.

I’m sure you all heard about Bantayan Island and it’s mesmerizing beaches. This island has a purely white sands which you can say that it is indeed a real island.


North Bus Terminal – Cebu 

Here starts our Bantayan Island Adventure.

So we leave the house at exactly 9:50 PM. We only have 1 pack of bread, 9 pcs of  fried siomai with 6 pcs of puso (rice) as our food for the whole trip going to the port. We rode a jeep from our place to North Bus Terminal. We reach North Bus Terminal at 10:30 PM since we are from Tabok, Mandaue it only took 10-15 minutes to reach the bus terminal. We had our seat and the bus is scheduled to leave at 11:45 PM. Since it was still early, I went outside the bus to grab some snacks to eat while on trip. When I came back I asked the bus driver if what time it will leave the terminal even though I already knew when (just to make sure) so he replied that the bus will leave on or before it’s time as soon as all the vacant seats will be filled. Moment after, the bus leaves at 10:58 PM. The conductor then started to asked for the fare. The fare from North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port is â‚±170.00 since we are student, instead of paying the â‚±170.00 we only payed â‚±132.00 due to 20% discount (just don’t forget to say “SP” and show your  valid ID before you pay).

Hagnaya Port to St. Fe Bantayan Island Port

It’s 1:53 AM and we reach Hagnaya Port. So it took 3 hours from North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port. We fall in line to get a ferry ticket since we are not the only passengers at that time. We got our name listed in the Passengers List just to make sure they have a copy that we are really on that ferry if ever something bad happens. The fare from Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe, Bantayan Island is â‚±170.00 since we are student (again) we only payed â‚±144.00. So we got our tickets and as we walked through, we pass the terminal booth so we need to pay â‚±10.00 for the terminal fee. The Ferry has a 3 floors since the first and second floors are already full of passengers so we stayed at the third floor. At 3:10 AM the ferry leaves the port.

Santa Fe, Bantayan Island Port

Finally! at 4:28 AM We reached our destination safe despite of having a bad time due to bad weather at that day we finally arrived safe. (Just a tip, do not cruise if you already know that there is a bad weather. It’s better to be safe than sorry). So as we are about to leave the ferry we encountered these guys in the port and approach us with their offers.

–We have known that this is common and they usually approach tourist as soon as the ferry reach the port.

1st – they asked if were are we heading to so they can help us look for motorcycles (some of them are already a motorcycle owner too).

2nd – they will recommend you a place to stay if you haven’t book a place yet.

So after we talk we agreed to get a ride on a motorcycle from port to Northville Beach Resort where the motor driver recommended us to stay (since we haven’t book a place to stay) with a fare of â‚±20.00 each. It is only 5-8 minutes away from the port which is good.

Lastly we reach Northville at 4:41 AM.

Good Luck to your next adventure! :)

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Gone Backpackers travel blog images

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