3 Must See Places in Chiang Rai (Thailand)

3 Must See Places in Chiang Rai (Thailand)

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The White Temple

Have you while being a child ever read one of those stories about a princess who's asleep on a glass, gold or diamond hill and to wake her up someone needs to climb the hill on an exact day and bring the princess down, otherwise she will stay asleep forever?

Seeing the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) - an all-white building with fragments of mirrored glass embedded in the building's exterior - was like seeing the sleeping beauty's castle. Sun was at it's highest and it was literally hurting my eyes to look at this beauty as it was shining as The Mountail of light, the Worlds most beautiful diamond. 

To get to the temple you need to cross a small bridge, around the bridge there are thousands of hands reaching up from the ground that symbolise all Worldly desires, temptations and greeds. After crossing the bridge you arrive at the grate of heaven, guarded by mythological creatures, and continue your path to the temple, leaving all Worldly sins and desires behind. I can honestly say that White Temple is one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen on my travels so far. 

When you have finished viewing the Temple, for 30 THB you can buy a lucky leaf, write your name or your family's name on it and hang it on a lucky tree. It's as a donation for the temples continuous reconstruction. Locals believe that by giving such donation to Buddha, you will have a place guaranteed in heaven. Very cute, isn't it.

Black House

I will be honest with you, when me and my boyfriend purchased 1 day sightseeing trip at Chiang Rai, I had no idea what the Black House is, I did not intend to go there, didn't know what is it and thought it is a Temple. Now I can fairly say that I will never forget this place as it is one of the darkest and weirdest places I have seen so far. 

Bagan Dam Black House is a very unique museum, creation of Thai national artist Thawn Duchanee. It is fair to say that his creations are not for everyone. The art, in my opinion, is very dark, provocative, even satanic. In the museum you can see big tables covered with crocodile and snake skins, chairs with legs made of buffalo horns, decorated with skulls and leathers, phallic statues and many more. It is said that he created this art as his interpretation of Buddhist philosophy, for example, animal skins and bones are to represent the old age, sickness, other works are showing human cravings and desires. 

As for me, I couldn't see anything of Buddhas path and human sufferings in his artworks, for me this art looked more as something satanic and all the way through museum I was thinking of all the artworks perfectly suiting for Game of Thrones decorations. Dothraki, maybe?

The Blue Temple

Wat Rong Blue Suea Ten (The Blue Temple) is spectacular in it's colouring, ornaments and decorations. Magnificent from the outside and even more spectacular from the inside with beautifully painted walls and big white Buddha statue. The Temple is still under reconstruction, one can only guess how majestic it will look when it will be finished. Definitely worth a visit.

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