Cebu - The Queen City of the South (Around the world)

Cebu - The Queen City of the South (Around the world)

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The Queen City of the South is not all about historical heritage, it is also known for its beautiful beaches and islands, waterfalls and mountains and so much adventure activities to offer to both local and foreign tourists. It's an awesome experience that once in my life I have landed my feet to this beautiful place in the Philippines. The memories will last and I will cherish forever. I am a solo traveler and travelling alone needs a courageous heart and brave spirit. Not all of us has the courage to travel alone, take trips alone and explore any kind of destinations alone. But I say this to you guys, you have to experience travelling solo, it is one of a kind experience, the experience that cannot be bought anywhere.

Here, I am going to share you my journey as a solo traveler in Cebu, the Queen City of the South. I'm from Bacolod City, so I preferred to take a bus going to Cebu City. Buses are limited so I arrived early at the Bacolod South terminal. The first trip is 9:30pm, but it was cancelled due to bad weather and it was very dangerous for the light ferry to travel. The next trip is 1:30am. Imagine I waited for so long, but that's the way it is. I arrived in Cebu City at 9:30am. So the travel time is 8 hours. But good thing is I slept inside the bus, had some chitchat with my fellow travelers.

Before I dare to travel to Cebu City, I already searched the affordable hotels where I can stay and also affordable tour package. It's awesomely perfect since most of us are also solo travelers. That's the essence of travelling solo, you will meet new friends that have the same perception with you, to take adventure and explore the world.

Our first stop was the Sirao flower Garden. It is known as the little Amsterdam of Cebu. The scenery is really beautiful. You can see here a lot of wonderful real flowers. I guess, it is perfect for prenup photography and weddings.

Our second stop was the Cebu Mountain Tops. I guess, this is the highest place in Cebu City. Here, the whole Cebu City can be seen. Since we were hungry after we saw the breathtaking view of Mountain tops, we took our lunch at the Lantaw restaurant. I met a brilliant Japanese friend here. We talked about the difference between Filipino and Japanese Cultures. This restaurant is really wonderful, their food tastes good and the scenic view from the top of the mountain is awesomely perfect to see while having conversation with new friends I met during our trips.

Our next stop was The Temple of Leah. It is said that this temple was being built for Leah, the grandmother of a well-known sexy actress in the Philippines, Ellen Adarna. This Roman-Greek inspired temple has a brilliant view since it is also built with on the hill top, granite and a lot of collections can be seen here. Awesome!

From Roman-Greek inspired temple we went to China, in Cebu. The Taoist Temple. Feeling in China while seeing its beautiful structures, the incredible roof tops, the dragon on the hillside and the Chinese people who are so friendly.

Our next stop was the Magellan's cross, you can see here the original cross made from Tindalo tree by Ferdinand Magellan during the 15th Century. This historical heritage represents the Christianism beliefs of Cebuano.

Our last stop is 10,000 promises, I mean 10, 000 Roses in. It feels like in Hongkong, seeing these illuminated roses with matching city light that you can see faraway across the sea from Cebu City. If you want romantic date with your special someone, 10,000 roses is perfect for you.

Cebu City is like the world in one town. From Roman-Greek inspired temple to Chinese temple to the history of the Philippines about Christianism and having scenic view of illuminated roses. Cebu City is truly the pride of the Philippines, from its booming industry to its tourism attractions, this City must be your next travel destination.

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