Santorini on a Budget

Santorini on a Budget

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You’ll be happy to know that ­there is such a thing!

Since returning from my trip, many have noticed that I have been on holiday since I have a tan in November or I get the usual accusation of using self-tan!  No, I haven’t ever used it, so I am more than happy to respond that I was in Santorini.  Anyway, the first question that gets asked after that is, ‘Isn’t it expensive?’ Or a statement, ‘Look at you, living the high life’.  No, I am not living the high life, otherwise I would have stayed in one of those luxury hotels that costs thousands on the cliffs in Santorini like a Greek Goddess but unfortunately, my bank account said no!  Instead, I was on a budget, living in basic yet acceptable accommodation that was cheap as chips! Getting to the point, Santorini is known to be one of the more expensive Greek Islands, but you’ll be happy to hear that it can be done successfully on a budget if you plan well.

Not knowing what to expect whilst planning my trip, I was risking it but from reading other blogs about doing Santorini on a budget I had a sense of expectation that I could get through the week without much hassle financially – I call it the “Santorini Sacrifice.”  My motto is, that if you want something, you’ll make it work, it doesn’t matter how hard it is to get. It’s a done deal in your head!  That's why I first made it my goal to visit Santorini in 2017 and then executed that plan! 

So how did I manage to experience Santorini to its full potential for one week on a budget?  Read more to find out.

1. Cheaper accommodation. Not all hotels are luxury and made of gold for it to cost thousands per week.  Whilst it would be lovely to stay in one of these hotels, it’s just simply not possible for your average traveller. I stayed a little further out than the main parts of Santorini but not too far out and I still got a good deal, I am not sure if it is because I went out of season though.  I stayed in an area called Karterados and paid the local amount of 150euros for 6 nights.  I stayed in a hotel called Anna Pension and it’s about a 20-minute walk into the capital Fira. It was acceptable, clean, the staff were friendly and had a swimming pool and because I went out of season, it was only me using the pool. I booked via and I made sure that I was able to cancel without charge if I wanted to change my mind.  Believe me, I changed my mind so many times before deciding that Anna Pension was where I was going to stay.

My bedroom in Anna Pension

View from my room

Hotel swimming pool

Hotel grounds

Anna Pension

2. Use public transport. It’s reliable, frequent and cheap. Take the bus from Fira to other destinations in Santorini.  Some places are just out of reach walking in Santorini, so transport is needed.  A bus will cost 1euro 80cents for a one-way ticket whereas a taxi to Oia from Karterados is 25euros!  You’ll also meet people and if you’re solo traveling like me, it’s even easier – I talked to so many solo travellers on my trip.

3. Watch the sunset in Oia for free.  You don’t need to go on an organised tour to go and watch the sunset.  It’s there for you to watch at no extra cost, why should you pay for this? Whilst a tour will give you many other perks included in its price, the sunset is there regardless, so find your spot in Oia 15-20 minutes before the sun starts to set and don’t move from your spot!

Sunset in Oia (magnificent & free)!

4. Cheap eats. You don’t need to eat in a restaurant all the time!  You can grab a Gyros on the go for 3euros, sit on a wall and watch the world go by with your Gyros!  Freestyle it!  If you prefer to eat in a restaurant all the time, there are some cheap eats there and just as good.  The food is quality, authentic and traditional and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Chicken Souvlaki

5. Use your legs. Walk, walk, walk & walk!  Not only will you save your pennies for something better or make your money stretch a bit more, you’ll get to discover more on your walks.  Walk through secret streets, who knows where you’ll end up - you may end up with a magical view!

Santorini streets

Rent-a-cat, why not?!

6. You can live the high life. Experience the high (luxury life) of Imerovigli without burning a hole in your pocket! Many of the hotels and apartments in this area are privately owned/rented but you can walk through the village but there are so many opportunities to take some fantastic photos, and you may even want to pretend to your friends and family back home that you’re lapping it up in style.  Through Imerovigli, there is a lovely walking/hiking path and you’ll find cafes and restaurants dotted along the way.  I stopped at one café and was in complete ore of the view, so I lived the high life by paying 7euros for a fruit cocktail without spending thousands staying in the hotel connected to that café. 

Enjoying the "high life"

To inspire you even more, take note of the below quote:

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.” – Paulo Coelho

Booked your flight and accommodation yet? Don’t know what you’re waiting for 😊

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If you have any questions at all about my trips, or Santorini, please comment and I will get back to you asap!

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