Know-How to Reset Spectrum Router?

Know-How to Reset Spectrum Router?

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Routers are the mediators for providing internet. Without which our world seems to collapse these days. We have everything online, in every sector. Spectrum routers are among the most selling routers in the market because of their quality and high speed. But like all machines, they suffer from errors and malfunctioning time to time. Internet connectivity issues are very common, sometimes there is an issue with the background server because of which spectrum Wi-Fi can stop working. This is the most obvious and basic cause any device with an internet connection can stot working. Although there are many other issues due which this might happen. Power outages and maintenance breakdown at the end of the spectrum Is also other reason for spectrum router not working. Most of the issues that you face with your router can be resolved through factory reset Spectrum router. It helps to bring back the settings and configuration to its original state and hence ensures a clean slate for proper working. Let’s take a look at the procedure of how to reset Spectrum router.

How to Reset Spectrum router?

The process is quite simple and requires you to follow these steps. The steps are to restart your Spectrum router which should ensure its working.
 Unplug the router and any other devices connected to it.
 Give your router at least 30 seconds to cool down.
 Now, plug in all the cords back in their respective slots.
 Then find the reset button on your router.
 Press and hold that button for a few seconds.
 It will take up to few minutes to boot your router and the small LED lights Should now hopefully be stable which may have been flickering earlier.
 Now check any your device with internet connection to make sure it’s working.

Now, your router is reset. You can reset spectrum password, for security since default credentials are known to all. Go to the login page. Login through default credentials and go to settings. There you would see the option of resetting your password. Click on that and follow the on screen instructions. Under the same settings, you can reset Spectrum router remotely. There would be five options, one of which is resetting the router. Chose the reset option and the router would reset.

Now that your router is reset and must be working. You’re all set to go but for further issues you must know, Spectrum IP address for router. This would allow you to access and modify the settings. You can go to system and preferences in the settings click on advanced button. Here your IP address would be displayed. Usually the Spectrum router IP address is or

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