White Water Rafting: The First

White Water Rafting: The First

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The risk is what excites the soul. It is knowing that you are again about to try something new. Adrenaline rush kind of something new. Not knowing what to expect, fearing that something untowards may happen but you're all set to do it anyway, and hoping that in the end, you get through it and conquer your doubts. Afterall, YOLO. 😂

The day started with a light snack at Dunkin' Donuts. You wouldn't want to go puking in the middle of rapids, yeah? From there, the jeepney ride to the starting point of the advance rafting course is roughly a little over of a half hour travel.
We started at around quarter to eleven in the morning. Had a briefing on how to correctly hold the paddle, how to paddle, back paddle, the drill.
(Tip: pls wear capri pants or anything made of light material covering the upper part of your legs if you don't want looking like a half zebra after the rafting. 😂
My legs were sooo red 'cause i wore shorts, exposing my thighs to Mr. Sun in high noon.)

The course that my friends and I opted is the advance one, consisting of 21 rapids for almost 3 hours. Bugsay White Water Rafting catered us and they also offer middle course rafting, that's 16 rapids, around 2hrs of adrenaline rush. Whichever course you take, you are guaranteed of a risk-worthy day at the rivers of Cagayan.

During the first 3 rapids, it was all nerves. Every ounce of my thoughts is contemplating the risks of doing something that 3 years ago would have me saying NO with all my might. But as the water of Cagayan river drifts us further down, everything in me began to relax. But still alert at the sight of those rushing, bumpy rapids.

While the rubber boat that carries us bounce and sway, our ears are all trained to the instructions of our guides on when to paddle and when to stop. Whenever the water splashes on your face, you'll feel that there is, after all, so much fun in getting head to head with that scary sounding rush of water. And you emerge victorious everytime. You just have to be careful not to tumble off the rubber boat when there is this harmless looking little swirls of water near the rocks and river walls. They are suckers. Literally. It will suck you down its swirl and you wouldn't want that. 😐

There were parts of the river when we were allowed to swim. The guides were all very alert and were all very well versed of the flow of the river. I think it's because over the years, they have been in that river almost daily and they have already established an understanding of the moods of mother earth through its river's currents.

There was even this funny part when we were made to believe by our guides that there is something down the river stream that we have to avoid, no matter what. And so we were instructed to paddle hard, in unison, into a certain direction of the river, only to find out that our guides deliberately tricked us into collision with this big, slanting rock! It was like riding a vehicle and the driver decided to hit the brakes, hard, and you all were pushed forward because of the sudden stop. 😏
But we were assured it was a safe trick. They do it to everyone, they said. 🤔

Another stop and swimming spot along the stream is where another huge rock is stationed. We were allowed to get off the rubber boat and climb the rock then jump off it into the water. And man, it was fun!

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Capricornus travel blog images

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