Telehealth: Technology Meets Health Care

Telehealth: Technology Meets Health Care

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The internet has revolutionized modern life by redefining how you communicate with family and friends, shop for goods and services, and even look for health-related information. There are various telehealth online technologies available to assist you in managing your health care and receiving the services you need.

What is Telehealth? How is it Beneficial?

Telehealth refers to the utilization of digital information and communication technology, such as computers and devices, to access and deliver health care services distantly. The goal of telehealth providers is to deliver healthcare services to the remotest of the regions, provide access to specialists, and promote healthcare self-management.


Top 6 Telehealth Services That Could be Valuable for Your Healthcare

1. Online patient portals

A portal offers a safe and secure online platform for interacting with healthcare providers, scheduling appointments with telehealth doctors, requesting prescriptions, accessing test results and past visits summaries, etc.

2. Virtual doctor appointments

Online video conferencing visits with a doctor or nurse practitioner are a type of virtual appointment. These services are often for minor ailments and are similar to those offered at a walk-in clinic.

3. Remote telemedicine

Your doctor and other healthcare professionals can remotely monitor your health using a range of technologies, such as

- Smartphone or web-based applications for uploading health-related data,
- Wearable gadgets that automatically record and transfer data wirelessly,
- Health monitoring devices for elderly or disabled patients, etc.

4. Connectivity to specialists

When primary care doctors have concerns about your diagnosis or treatment, they can use mobile telemedicine systems to seek advice from specialists. Exam notes, patient history, test results, etc., are sent to the specialist for review by the primary care physician. Then, the specialist can provide their inputs accordingly.

5. Personal health record (PHR )system 

A PHR system is a collection of health-related data that you manage and control. You can use a PHR app on any web-enabled device at any time. A PHR can immediately provide critical information such as current diagnoses, prescriptions, drug allergies, etc., in the event of an emergency.

6. Digital health applications

Personal health apps enable patients to save vital health data, record and track physical activities, place reminders for medicine intake, etc.

What Lies Ahead for Telehealth Services?

Technology can enhance healthcare quality while also making it more widely accessible. Telemedicine has the potential to make health care more efficient, coordinated, and convenient.

On the other hand, there might be a grave risk of telehealth fragmenting healthcare. Care gaps, overuse of medical care, improper pharmaceutical use, and unneeded or overlapping care can all result from fragmented healthcare.


WalkInVirtualClinics is a great virtual care platform for patients, where you can connect with our compassionate team of expert doctors to reclaim control of your health.

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walkinvirtualclinics travel blog images

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