10 Best Beginner Exercises to Do During Home Workouts

10 Best Beginner Exercises to Do During Home Workouts

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Getting started with a beginner workout at home routine and developing a practice is quite intimidating. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. Additionally, you would also like to spend a minimal time everyday working out so that you can complete your remaining chores within the day. It is also to be considered that the time you spend on working out each day despite the amount of time you invest is actually beneficial.


Less Time Consuming At Home Workout Experience
Gyms are officially closed down owing to the covid-19 pandemic, you can actually get the results at your home and that too for free. In this article we have stressed on the 10 best beginner workout at home that consumes a pretty less time and is yet effective.


So, without much waiting, let us get straight into it!


1. Low Impact Beginner Feel Good Cardio Workout

This is a 26 minute workout and the moves that have been included in it are all low impact. This means that you can easily do all of the steps very easily and that you also have the scope to modify the steps per your requirement or frequency of breath. You can also modify the steps if you are not a beginner and convert them into more difficult ones.


The workout involves exercises that are built with a range of motions, coordination, cardio endurance, flexibility and control of your own body. If fat burning is a resolution for you and you can just give half an hour a day, then this workout is perfect for you. Bonus benefit of this workout is building cardiovascular endurance. You can also consider this as a beginner workout at home without equipment for females.


Workout Details


Duration: 26 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 122-225
Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: No Equipment
Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
Body Focus: Total Body
Workout Schedule:
March in Place
Butt Kicker Rows
Torso Twist + Side Reach + Arms & Knee Up
Arm Swing Steps
Pulldowns & Reverse Steps
Bow & Arrow Twists
2 High Knee Pulls + Kick
2 Side Jacks + 2 Reverse Lifts
Walkdown + Knee Down
Side Step Knees
Squat + Side Leg Lift
Forward Step & Press
Side Lunge Slide + Calf Raise
Marching Jack Touchdowns
Toe Tap + Squat
Push Up Leg Lift + Child’s Pose
Bridge + Leg Lift
Cat Cow Bird Dog
Crunch + Toe Taps
Plank + Arm Hold

2. Low Impact Cardio & Abs Workout

The low impact routines have a great importance when you are starting off with your new workout journey. These workouts provide your body with a chance for adapting and getting ready for the more intense training. This particular workout is a combination of cardio and the core training exercises. It helps to build a strong base while you sweat. The best part is that no jumping is required in this workout schedule.


Workout Details


Duration: 39 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 147-338
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
Body Focus: Core and Total Body
Workout Schedule:
1. Warm Up (5 Minutes Total; 25 Seconds Each)

Side Step Arm Circles
Round Down Toe Touch
Toe Touch Sweeps
Squatting Torso Twists
Toe Touch Kick L
Toe Touch Kick R
Warrior L
Warrior R
Calf Raise with Overhead push pull
Lunging Push Pull
High Knee Hold with Hip Opener
Side Step Squat
2. Cardio (15 Minutes Total; 3 Sets of 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Rest)

Sumo Squat and Calf Raise
Alternating Side Lunge
Walk Downs
Tricep Dip Kicks
Alternating Leg Sweep Squat
Alternating Side Leg Raise to Curtsy Lunge
Seal Push Up
Supine Push Up to Bridge
Straight Leg Deadlift with Alternating Lunge Through
Alternating Ski Squat Pivot to Sumo Squat
3. Core (10 Minutes, 40 Seconds; 2 Sets Each of 30 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Rest)

Back Bow
Side Hip Raise L
Side Hip Raise R
Russian Twist
Toe Touch Get Up
Jackknife Crunch
Back Bow Circles
4. Cool Down (6 Minutes Total: 30 Seconds Each)

Seated Toe Touch
Butterfly Stretch
Deep Hip Stretch
Seated Hamstring and Torso Stretch L
Seated Hamstring and Torso Stretch R
Seated Torso Rotation L
Seated Torso Rotation R
Deep Glute Stretch L
Deep Glute Stretch R
Down Dog
Shell Stretch


3. 27 Minutes Butt, Thigh & Abs Pilates Workout

Pilates workouts are a thing in the contemporary workout module. This beginner-friendly easy pilates exercise is perfect to improve your core strength. Additionally, you will be able to create a strong body and mind connection with this Easy Abs Workouts For Beginners At Home. Both of these are very much essential to being able to motivate yourself during the strenuous workouts.


Workout Details


Duration: 27 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 92-189
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
Training Type: Low Impact, Pilates, Toning
Body Focus: Total Body
Workout Schedule:

Toe Taps (Levels 1 & 2)
Hundreds (Levels 1-3)
Heel Taps
Heel Tap Pulses
3 Way Side Leg Raises - Toes down, up, and level
Small Pilates Leg Circles
Large Leg Circles
Hip Raises (Levels 1 & 2)
Seated Straight Leg Lift

4. Low Impact Recovery Cardio Workout

This is a favorite low impact workout for beginners. Even though people are mostly talking about the HIIT and strength training, this set of exercises is very helpful in the days when you are feeling a bit low. The exercises focus on the range of motion and gentle cardio that makes you feel rejuvenated. You can enjoy both warm up and cool down in this set.


Workout Details


Duration: 27 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 121-243
Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
Body Focus: Total body
Workout Schedule:
1. Warm Up (25 sec each)

Shoulder Rolls
Torso Twists
March in Place
Toe Touch Circles
Lateral Steps and Swings
Slow Butt Kickers
2. Cardio Workout (35 sec on, 10 sec off, ABAB)

4 Side Jacks & 4 Punches
3 Marches & Forward Kick
Crunch & Single Leg Drop
Push Up & Lift
Alternating Step Throughs
Side Steps & Knee
Plank Ankle Taps
Reverse Step/Lunge
Double High Knee Push
Lateral Step Pull
Side Lunge & Reach
5 Marches & Reverse Lift
3. Cool Down & Stretch (20 sec each)

Shoulder Rolls
Arm Swings
Toe Touch Stretch
Standing Quad Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Downward Dog
Cobra Stretch
Child's Pose
Torso Stretch
Full Body Stretch

5. Upper Body Workout

This is an antagonistic workout routine. It serves as a great way for learning how to engage your muscles. These set of exercises are perfect if you are a beginner and you are looking forward to adding more weight. Before you are trained enough to include more weight in your schedule, these exercises will act as a great transition. As soon as you adapt to this form, strength training becomes a superb way to burn fat, build enough muscles and get fit.


Workout Details


Duration: 36 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 137-268
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: No Equipment
Training Type: Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
Body Focus: Core, Upper Body
Workout Schedule:
1. 4 Minute Cardio Warm Up - 25 seconds each

Boxer Shuffle
Shoulder Rolls
Arm Circles Forward (big)
Arm Circles Back
Windmill Arms + Toe Touch
Chest Stretch + Reach
Curl Overhead Press + Step Back
Bow & Arrow Twists
Chest Opener Lat Steps
Warrior Lunge Stretch
Jumping Jacks
2. Upper body workout with no equipment

Push Up + Pulses
Deadlift + Close Row & Tricep Extension
Bicep Curl Pulses
Tricep Dips
Walkdown + Opposite Toe Tap
Reach + Pulldown
Jumping Jack Step Back (or lunge)
Press Extensions
Tall Plank + 3 Point Reach
Bicep Curl + High Knee
Bird Dog + Tricep Push Up
Arm Circles (forward and back)
Back Bow Pulls
Reverse Fly + Pulses
Side Push Up (on wall or floor)
Other side
Overhead Tricep Extension
Single Pulldowns + Step Back
Bent Over Wide Row to Fly
Other side
Knee Pull Punch & Switch
Cool Down & Stretch

6. Low Impact Upper Body Strength & Cardio Interval Workout

This is a fabulous strength training workout that involves the alternatives to lifting weights. These exercises are aids in building muscles and boosting your metabolism even when you are resting. You can adjust the exercise schedule as per your need and focus on the form.


Workout Details


Duration: 33 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 122-224
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: Dumbbell
Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Strength Training
Body Focus: Upper Body
Workout Schedule:
1. Warm Up: (5 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)

Side Step Arm Cross
Toe Touch Sweeps
High Knee w/ Large Arm Circles
Squat w/ Push Pull
Torso Twist w/ Deadlift
Toe Touch Kick (L & R)
Boxer Shuffle
Squat Circles
Lunge T
2. Workout: (20 Minutes; 45 Sec On and 15 Sec Off)

Chest Fly
Alternating Curtsy Lunge plus Arm Circles
Reverse Fly
Alternating Side Lunge to Overhead Reach
Lateral Raise
Ski Squat & Push Pull to Knee & Pull Down
Bicep Curl
Sumo Squat to Alternating Side Leg Raise
Tricep Kickback
Front Jack
3. Cooldown: (6 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)

Wall Chest Stretch Left
Wall Chest Stretch Right
Toe Touch
Overhead Tricep Stretch Left
Overhead Tricep Stretch Right
Arm Cross w/ Inside Thigh Stretch Left
Arm Cross w/ Inside Thigh Stretch Right
Overhead Wall Shoulder Stretch
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Left
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch Right
Supine Torso Twist Left
Supine Torso Twist Right

7. 10 Minutes Butt & Thigh Workout

This is a 10 minute power pack exercise module. This is probably the best exercise to begin with if you are trying your luck with the basic bodyweight exercises for the lower body. You must include the warm up and cool down exercises before and after the exercises . This is the basic to all the exercise modules that you might want to follow.


To suit the needs of your body and expertise, you can make these exercises easier or harder. Here are the tips and tricks of doing it.


Making It Easier


You need to implement a more shallow range of motion until you are strong enough for increasing your depth of movement.
You should take smaller and more frequent rest periods for shaking out your muscles and/or catching your breath.
It is entirely fine to move at your own pace as you feel comfortable. This does not mean that you take a much slower pace than what is required to burn the desired calories.
You need to focus on the form more than anything else. This will help you in preventing injuries during the session.

Making It Harder


The first thing that you need to do in order to make the exercises a bit harder is to focus on the forms. Additionally, you have to squeeze all of your muscles with every repetition. As this is a lower body workout you will not be able to contract your core, arms and related. This aims to protect you from injury.
You must hold onto weights. You have weights at your house, you better use them. If you do not have them but still want to make the exercises a bit challenging for you, look around the house and find heavy objects that can help in for extra resistance.
You can go ahead and minimize or cut out the rest periods.
When you are in your active rest periods, make sure to do the beginner HIIT workout at home exercises such as high knees, burpees and jump squats. This is the easiest way to step up the challenge.

Workout Details


Duration: 10 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 60-102
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: No Equipment
Training Type: Low Impact, Toning
Body Focus: Lower Body
Workout Schedule:
Basic Squat
Reverse Lunge + Kick
Side Squat + Calf Raise
Ski Squat + Reverse Lift
Curtsy Lunges + Outside Raise
Inside Leg Raises
Other Side
Reverse Leg Lifts
Other Side

8. Fat Burning & Toning Cardio Workout

As soon as you think you need a strong cardiovascular challenge, you must take these low and high impact modifications of fat burning and toning cardio workout. This is probably the best exercise for beginners to lose weight at home. You might switch between the easier and harder version or continue the harder version before switching to the easier one.


Workout Details


Duration: 24 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 157-243
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: No Equipment
Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
Body Focus: Total Body
Workout Schedule:
1. Warm Up Cardio - 25 Seconds each interval, no rest inbetween

Reach + Stretch
Side Leans
Slow Butt Kick + Row
High Knee Pulls
Jumping Jack Toe Touch
Squat + Swing ( on each side)
2. At Home Cardio Workout - 45 on, 15 off, ABAB

Side Lunge or Step + Side Leg Raise
3 High Knees + 2 Wide Squats
Crossover Toe Tap Walkdown + Jack
Wide Toe Touch Twist + Kickout
3 Butt Kicks + Reverse Lunge
Lateral Jump/Step + Knee
Bridge + Crossover Crunch
Back Bow Double Pulse
Pulsing Downward Dog
Toe Touch Drop + Pulse

9. Strong & Lean Workout

This is kind of a long week challenge where it extracts all the guesswork by laying out an entire week’s workout. These workouts are undoubtedly intense. However, you can take up either of the low or advanced modifications of beginner workout at home with dumbbells.


Workout Details


Duration: 59 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 290-696
Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: Dumbbell
Training Type: HIIT, Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
Body Focus: Lower Body
Workout Schedule:
1. Warm Up: (5 Minutes) 30 Seconds Each

Side Step & Lateral Arm Swing
Torso Circles
Knee Up Torso Rotation
Leg Swing L
Leg Swing R
Squat Push Pull
Side Lunge and Reach
Lung and Ventral Raise
Boxer Shuffle
Butt Kickers
Jumping Jacks
2. HIIT (15 Minutes) Tabata; 20 Seconds On, and 10 Seconds Off; AB, AB, AB; 3 Sets each group

Jump Squats
Mt. Climbers
Jumping Lunge
Pendulum Swings
Switch Foot Runners
High Knees
Squat Pops
Lateral Jump
Squat Jacks
3. Lower Body Strength: (~27 Minutes) 8 exercises, 2 sets of 10 each

Single Leg Deadlift L&R
Ski Squat
(20) Curtsy Lunge L &R
Super Slow Squat
Alternating Side Lunge
Sumo Squat
Hip Raise Weighted
4. Cooldown: (8.5 Minutes) 30 Seconds Each

Toe Touch
Quad Stretch L
Quad Stretch R
Inside Thigh Stretch L
Inside Thigh Stretch R
Plank Calf Stretch L
Plank Calf Stretch R
Down Dog
Cat to Cow
Butterfly Stretch
Hip Stretch
Deep Glute Stretch L
Deep Glute Stretch R
Torso Stretch L
Torso Stretch R
Full Body Stretch

10. Flexibility & Stress Relief Workout

These exercises are meant to eliminate stress, increase the flexibility and the motion range. It is basically a three day challenge that mainly focuses on feeling good.


Workout Details


Duration: 31 Minutes
Calorie Burn: 93-141
Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: No Equipment
Training Type: Low Impact, Warm Up/Cool Down, Stretching/Flexibility
Body Focus: Total Body
Workout Schedule:
Day 1: Feel Good Fluid Stretches that follow no rules and do not possess a definite structure. Thus, you will be doing a dynamic range of motion or an active stretch that would give a great feeling to your muscles including the sore ones.
Day 2: On this day, you are supposed to do the yoga pilates blend which is a combination of Yoga and Pilates beginner workout at home. This exercise works on lightly toning while improving the motion range.
Day 3: Research has revealed that static stretches or holding the stretches for approximately 30 seconds each is the most crucial and effective way for increasing flexibility. This is what the third day of the flexibility & stress relief workout is mostly focussed on.

Tips & Tricks To Get Most From The Flexibility Challenge

Do you think the flexibility challenge is quite hard and that you are not sure of receiving the most out of it? Then here are some important tips and tricks that you must follow in order to get the best results from the exercise set.


You must stress on making this complete experience a calming one. You need to be completely mindful with a completely decluttered head prior to starting each routine. While going through the set of workout, you need to focus completely on deep breathing and keep away stress while you are working out.
If you like to workout in silence, you can go to a calm place and do the exercise sets. Or if you prefer to listen to music, you may turn on some music that you mostly prefer while working out. Make sure that it relaxes you. If you are doing it indoors, you may also light a scented candle for aromatherapy and do your exercises.
If you find stretching to be very boring, then you can try doing these workouts in front of your favourite TV shows.
You must never stretch to that point that gives you pain. You must do all the stretches slowly and tentatively and then lean onto the tension a bit further, that too gently and slowly. If at any point you feel that the stretches are hurting you, then you must immediately stop doing it. If you are hurt, take a doctor’s consultation or feel free to visit a physical therapist.
You must take into consideration that everyone starts at a certain point. If you feel tightness, never feel discouraged. You must never judge yourself if you have been flexible enough or not.
While doing a stretch, if you feel that it is making you uncomfortable or if you are not sure of the form, you may change the form of the workout and switch to one that you like to do. When you are sure that the previous stretch has become a bot comfortable for you, you can do it again.
Additionally, you must also make sure that you are hydrated and not hungry. You must treat yourself with a whole food meal when you are done with exercise.

Closing Lines

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19, the gyms have closed almost globally. This has created a problematic situation for both the workout enthusiasts and the beginners. However, the above mentioned 10 best beginner workout at home will be much beneficial as they target a specific point of the body or the complete body. But three are some things that you need to consider before starting your workout journey with home exercises.


The first and foremost is that you must indulge in in-depth research as this is an important step. Not all exercise is suitable for all and not all workout is meant to be effective on all problems. The second thing is that you need to start slowly if you think that this will be best for you as a beginner.


The next thing is that you need to be completely committed to the end results of these workouts and have faith in yourself. That being said, you must also listen to the requirements of your body even if you perform a beginner workout at home without equipment for male. The fourth thing is that there are a couple of exercises that you might not be comfortable with or you simply hate that. You must never force yourself to do them. Additionally, you must keep an eye on your nutrition. Keep this in mind that any effort that you put towards your health is always worthy. Original Article Posted At:

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