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I used to travel through books and then I thought - what if I create one that I will never write?

My passion for travel started when I was young. It started on our frequent visit to my father's hometown in Cebu. I found a different kind of joy every time I embark a ferry boat and rode on public utility vehicles going places that are always packed with different kinds of people. It sparked the sense of travel in me. From that point, I started to be part of a Christian community which involved out of town gatherings. It boosted my curiosity and desire to exploit parts of the unknown. It gave me the opportunity to expand my itinerary further and discover what is in beyond my home. Of course I was young so I really didn't have the consistency of travel I am having right now. But it was a turning point for me to realize the depth and importance of travel and discovery in my life. It worsened during the darkest moments of my life. My hunger for off the beaten tracks was fueled by the pain and confusion I felt at those times. Traveling has been my refuge. Arriving at a place where no one knows you is a reassuring experience; that life, no matter how hard it gets is still the best thing in this world. Being able to breathe the fresh air, see things in a micro level, and hear the calmness radiating from each destination. It made me get rid of the pain and hatred and anger. It made me realize the vastness of this world where you can find your happiness. Now, I couldn't be happier. Every travel opportunity changes a part of my life and I've grown to never settle.

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neversettle travel blog images

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