How To Fix If Epson Printer Not Printing Color?

How To Fix If Epson Printer Not Printing Color?

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Printing devices are one of the greatest inventions that have not only made printing activities simpler but proved to be a time-saving device. At present, many companies are offering printing devices to the users, still, Epson printers are the most preferred ones. Epson printers are one of the finest products produced by Seiko Epson Corporations that are also known for producing dot matrices, inkjet, and laser printers. And there is no doubt in saying this that Epson printers offer users some of the finest services but, lately, there are a few users who have reported some technical issues with the printer.

Well, as good things come with some cons, there are chances that users might face some issues like “Epson Printer Not Printing Color” because of minor glitches like Epson printer printing blank pages. Well, this issue is quite common and can be resolved in time by trying out some troubleshooting solutions. But, before we head on with the solutions, let’s know a bit about the cause of this issue, so one can select an appropriate solution to resolve this issue in time.

Cause of Blank Pages Printing with Epson Printers

Well, there are many users who have a query on why is Epson printer is printing blank pages. So, to help them get a clear idea, here are some of the common causes behind this issue.

Clogged nozzlesInk
Cartridges were empty
Incorrect paper size
Issues with the software installed on the device
Printer drivers were not installed properly
Issues with cartridge installation

Besides, there can be other reasons that can lead to the Epson printer keeping printing blank pages issue. Still, there are a few users who are not aware, there is a chance that they might be encountering this issue because of some minor issue. So, it is recommended that the users check a few of the things listed below to quickly resolve this issue.

Things to Check Before Resolving the Issue

Before the user follows the solutions mentioned, it is suggested that they check for some of the things listed below to quickly resolve this issue.

Ensure that the printer is placed on a stable and flat surface as a slight tilt can lead to printing issues.
The user is required to check if the yellow tape was removed from the ink cartridge at the time of installation.
Use needs to check the paper size, layout settings, and other printing settings are correct.
It is recommended that the users replace the old ink cartridge.
Also, the user needs to use paper that fulfills the product’s specifications.
Further, it is required that the user ensure that there is no blank page in the document that they are printing.

Hence, these are the few things that the user needs to keep in mind before they perform any troubleshooting steps to resolve my Epson printer is printing blank pages problem.

In case you’re printing from Windows or a Mac, you can choose Skip Blank Page in your printer software. To choose the setting, follow the steps for your OS.

Windows 10:

Press the Windows key and open the “Settings” option.
Go to the “Devices” option.
After that click the “Printers and scanners” button.
Choose your printer and select “Manage” after that “Printing Preferences”.
Press the “Maintenance” tab and press again the “Extended Settings” button.
Now, select the “Skip Blank Page”.
Tap the “OK” as important to save your settings.


First, click the Apple menu and open the “System Preferences”.
Choose the “Print and Scan”, “Print and Fax”, or “Printers and Scanners”.
After that select your product and afterward select “Options and Supplies”.
Now, select the “Driver or Options” settings.
Now set Skip Blank Page to “On” and click “OK”.

Hence, these are the few effective solutions that one can try out to resolve printer printing blank pages issues in time. In case, if the issue persists, it is suggested to the users to contact support and seek required assistance to resolve the “Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing” issue in time and perform printing activities without any interruptions.

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