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About Puno:
Address: Fantasy Square, 192-196 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar A, Near 200 ft. bypass, Ajmer Road Jaipur-302019 (Raj.) INDIA

We know the cliché hangout plans like going out for a movie, shopping, or just going to a café do not interest you anymore. Do we also know that you’re probably out of ideas as to what else could be done with your friends and family for fun? Well, to offer you a blast of a time, we’ve brought to you the first-ever Trampoline park in Jaipur! Yes, you heard it right! A trampoline park that not only has trampolines but a plethora of other entertaining and challenging activities to satiate your adrenaline rush. Warm-up! Because there’s going to be a lot of climbing, dunking, and jumping when you’re at PUNO, where fun is assured!

Going through the same old routine every day is exhausting, isn’t it? We know it. Age is the last thing that you’ve to worry about when you're. at PUNO because we’ve got activities for literally everyone. So strike boredom right out of the park with the set of our super-enthralling activities that make sure your entertainment knows no boundaries. Put on your gear, tighten your belt, and get ready to witness some soul-stirring fun!

We all miss the time when we weren’t binge-watching web series all the time, don’t we? We could give so. much of our time to our family and friends. Well, we’ve brought to you something for respite. Whether it’s your father, mother, sister, or your little baby brother, everybody finds their thing here at PUNO! You’re sure to bond greater with your family when you get together because together is better!

Are you also worried about that extra belly fat that shows up even when you’re eating healthy? “Umm, it’s not the best thing you know?” Yes, we know. To get you to keep track of your fitness goals, we’ve come up with a whole range of challenging yet “super-fun-to-do” activities that would help you get that “Summer bod” you’ve always wanted! Chase your fitness goals without hitting the gym and lifting those dreadful weights with us here at PUNO.

Serving some delicious, lip-smacking dishes, Hunger Station makes sure that your appetite is taken care of fully. We understand that our enthralling and adventurous activities could get tiresome and hunger-inducing, and this is why our team puts in all their efforts to bring the best to you in terms of taste and quality. So sit back and enjoy some drool-worthy beverages and snacks with your friends and family.

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ranit77 travel blog images

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