Cowboys and Country Roads!!

Cowboys and Country Roads!!

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Cowboys, Country Roads, Desserts and a whole lot of Howdy's!

Texas was my first big adventure. The largest Southern state in the USA with a population of 28 million, there’s so much to discover and see.
I was lucky enough to be placed in a summer camp in Texas, which meant I met locals who would take me around this amazing state. My camp was located in Palestine, Texas. Now I wouldn't say this is the tourist destination to check out, but I loved it down there. This was my first sights of Texas. To sum it up in a few words, nice people. No matter where you go, Walmart, What-A-Burger, Dominos, everyone was super nice, and once they found out we had accents, they loved us even more. I was taken away by their amazing hospitality. Managers coming out and having a chat with, someone was always there if we need help. While at camp, I travelled a little bit of Texas, Waco which I am pretty sure is known for its lazy river and MASSIVE water slides. This was a perfect Fourth of July activity, except for the sun burn! Dallas we explored the JFK museum, which I would recommend! NASA was another hit, not overly pricey either. I definitely think these activities were enjoyable with the big group of internationals I went with, but is totally worth the visit.
After camp gave me time to properly explore Texas. Car packed and off we go! Hitting Austin first, the state’s capital. The capital building is significant and beautiful. The university is definitely an eye opener for university life over there. My favourite place was the Graffiti park, so many colours and peoples imagination everywhere. Also you can score a view of the whole city from the top. Austin is very student orientated, and has cheap and good food. I got the best tacos from a food truck which I still think about today. Austin is also home to the first Chuy's, a Tex-Mex restaurant which I definitely recommend. A little out of Austin was Hamilton Pools. I went just out of season and wasn't able to swim, but the waterfall and the nature hike is breathe taking. 
Next we hit Fredericksburg, a quaint little town with one road lined with independent shops like candy stores, gift stores, wine tasting, chocolate tasting and antiques shops. Also my favourite Christmas Store. A little drive from Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock. Stunning views from the top of the massive rock. It's a bit of a hike, but well worth it. After hiking we stopped at Luckenbach. A caravan town, with a little shop and lots of culture. Worth the trip and they have really cool T-Shirts.
San Antonio, home of the Alamo, River Walk and the biggest Cowboy boots. San Antonio is a laid back town, with the prettiest views and sights. Also home to massive outlets malls if you like shopping. Houston was a quick stop, only going to the galleria and Houston Zoo. Although, I got to buy Girl Scout cookies from a troop, all in their uniforms, outside Walmart! This made my trip.
I remember Texas mainly for their amazing Tex-Mex food, amazing hospitality and Buc-ees (a gas station/gift shop/food court/grocery store/ homewares/literally everything store)

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