Hop on: A $20 beach getaway

Hop on: A $20 beach getaway

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        Who can't say no for a $20 beach getaway? Yes, no one. Guimaras is well known all over the world for producing and exporting the sweetest mangoes you could ever imagine, alongside with mangoes these are some delicacies you shouldn't miss: Dried mangoes and Mango pizza.

       Whether you decide on going solo or with a group, travelling across the island to the location will be hassle free even for first time travelers. Here's the breakdown on my sudden $20 beach getaway:

From Iloilo City Port - Guimaras Proper:
       You only get to pay 20 pesos ($0.40) *winks* for a one way fare going to the island. 

        After a good 15 minutes, you arrive to the islands main town, Jordan. There are jeepneys waiting on the port that would take you directly to the location. Going solo or with a group, you only have to pay 115 pesos ($2.20) each. It would take you an hour or so to get to the location so consider charging you gadgets prior to kill time since it would take an hour or so to get there. Also, make sure to refill water bottles and make sure other necessities are packed up in your bag to have less worries about anything on the way.

What's in my bag:
○Sunscreen (Beach, remember? 😉)
â—‹Refilled water bottle
â—‹Ear buds or headphone
â—‹ Powerbank
â—‹A light coverup( In this case I brought a plaid flannel: a good multitasker) 
â—‹Clothes(something to change on after a good swim)
â—‹Go pro
â—‹ID's (Photocopies would do, just in case)

        After a good one hour or so (I'm pretty sure you'll love the view along the way, somewhat a teaser for your destination 😉) You are one step away from a crystal clear water you've always been craving for( after an ice cold soda on my part). Sure its tempting to dive in right away, here's a disclaimer: Don't (please go to the counter and pay 30 pesos first ($0.80) for the entrance fee first.

        Here's to summarize your itenerary and some tips as well in case you don't know where to start:

        Consider travelling early so that you arrive at the location before noon or high tide so that you'll get to enjoy some spots without someone photobombing your Instagram worthy shots, oh, and make sure to stop by a vendor selling the freshest and sweetest coconut juice for only 20 pesos or somewhat $0.50 (Did I convinced you already? 😂)

       Your itenerary must have: A 15 minute short hike alongside the beach would take you to the famous Guisi Lighthouse, a historical site you should not miss as well while visiting the place. I'l leave this to you right here but here's some snaps to convince you to pack up your things now: 😉

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Flakewanders travel blog images

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