How travelling affects us as a couple...

How travelling affects us as a couple...

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These are some of the reasons why we travel. But if you travel with your partner, it will make a way to make your relationship stronger. Why do I say that? It is because sometimes when we are travelling we do not have all the comforts of our home, we are constantly dealing with things that is new to us or uncomfortable to us. In times when pressure gets the best of us when travelling , our true nature, true self, true color comes out, and when this happens it is always a surprise how you and your partner will handle each other’s personality. 

In my own experience, we usually get stressed,Rob and I ,when catching flights , train or bus rides. The reason is I worry a lot. I worry that if we do not get 3 hours or 2 hours before our departure we might not be able to take our flight. Rob, on the other hand is more relax, too much sometimes to my liking,that sometimes ends up into unwanted arguments.During custom checks, I always tell Rob to take out his gadgets from the bag and put it on the tray or basket so that he will not be scrutinized by a customs officer. But most of the time he does not do it. That is why his bag goes back again to  the xray machine and/or the bag has to be opened by an officer , wasting our precious time. I noticed that it has always been like that when we travel.

What is wonderful about our relationship is that we do not fight often. I try my best even if I am really angry at him to fix the argument and end my sulking before the day is finished. What I like about Rob very much is that he is really trying to be patient with me even at times that I am so irritating and unreasonable. 

When we started travelling together in 2013, I discovered that Rob is a different kind of traveller.In many things we are not the same when it comes to travelling. As we travel more and more together I realized that staying in fancy hotels and eating at fancy restaurants is not Rob’s thing. And sometimes being childish as I was, would sometimes want things he does not like. As we travel more and more together, and as I get to know him better I learned the things Rob values the most when travelling and in life. And along the way he also learns more and more about me that helps him understand me better.

I Say this to unmarried couples, based on my own experience , I would recommend to travel together before getting married. In this way you can hit two birds in one stone., first; that is getting to experience and explore new things, escape stress from work and,second;be able to know your partner better. Travelling i think in some way makes your relationship stronger because as you know your partner better, you will also learn how to accept and handle the new things you discovered about him or her. And this is also a way of deciding if you choose to stay in this relationship after all the things that you have unraveled about him/her.

Travelling with your partner does not only mean travelling outside of the country. It can be as simple as a 2-hour drive to this new resort where you can relax and view the sunrise or sunset together. You can book a roundtrip ticket to an island where you can enjoy swimming and just be carefree. Travelling is always getting from point A to point B, it depends on what you like to do or where to go and how you will enjoy it together. 

So what are you waiting for? Plan that holiday now with your significant other, travel and discover more of the world and of each other. Make your relationship grow, nurture it. Good things take time and effort.

Just remember love is not only about feeling.Love is also choosing to stay in the relationship. Travelling for me renews that feeling and reminding me why I chose to be with Rob. Having adventures together from time to time brings us even closer to each other.

So travel now and be in love even more.

till next time😘😘😘

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lesliesharmane travel blog images

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