Take Care of Your Skin after Summer

Take Care of Your Skin after Summer

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Your morning routine is still the same - wash, moisturize, moisturize - but something is a little different because within an hour or two your skin feels tight.

You wonder if you forgot something. Honestly, you've probably nailed your summer routine perfectly. Remember that your skin is the barrier between your inner and outer world, but it's not summer anymore.

Times are changing and that means your skincare routine needs to change too. Say hello to your new fall skincare habit. 

Why does the skin change after summer?

Why is it important to change your skincare routine with the seasons?

The skin is always exposed to the environment, which means that it is much more vulnerable to changes in this environment than other organs in the body.

The climate and your skin

The humidity in the air affects the water (hydration) balance in your skin. A humid climate can soften the skin and make it easier to maintain its fullness, but a drier climate can dehydrate the skin, making it more likely to show fine lines and wrinkles.

When it comes to the effects of climate on the skin, there are pros and cons in every season. In summer, the skin can be more manageable because the air is more humid than in winter (even in drier climates).

The summer lifestyle can also help keep skin beautiful and radiant, as we are more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, and stay active, which increases circulation and helps the skin to heal. to stay healthy.

Your skin in summer, your skin in autumn

However, the summer months are not so good in other ways. We tend to get too much sun exposure, which can hasten the onset of aging, and if we spend time in the pool, exposure to chlorine or salt can cause dryness and temporary irritation. Improved air conditioning dries out the skin while extra heat means more sweating that can lead to clogged pores.

Fall brings colder and more turbulent weather. The winds blow stronger, and the temperature can vary greatly from day to day with hot, humid days and cool, dry nights. With this climate change, our skin must adapt, so our skincare routine must change with it.

5 tips for a better skincare routine after summer

To help you maintain beautiful skin after the summer, try these five tips. Be sure to watch your skin for clues. Do you feel your skin dry, or do you still have shiny skin in hot weather? Does your skin look dull and tired?

Depending on what your skin is telling you, you can increase or decrease how often you perform each of these steps each week.

If you find that you are a person very affected by weather changes, looking at the forecast and planning your routine based on humidity and/or cloud cover might offer better results.

Change cleanser

It may be the most important thing you can do for your skin. Sweating and summer activity often call for a more clarifying cleanser like Citrus Mint Cleanser, while fall and winter require you to take a gentler approach.

If you find your summer cleanser a little too harsh, look for something that will leave your skin feeling more hydrated. We recommend our goat milk soap as it gently cleanses and leaves your skin hydrated and nourished.

Change your tonic

It follows the same logic as changing your cleanser – you want something with a little more balance.

Whichever toner you choose, avoid alcohol-based ones, as alcohol dries out the skin. Use something that calms and soothes the skin after cleansing.

Change moisturizer

You've probably heard that it's best to use oil in the summer and cream in the winter. Because we tend to sweat more in the summer, it's best if the moisturizer we use has a lighter base, so it doesn't clog pores.

In the fall, we move on to colder, windier days, with fan heaters and less humidity in the air, which sucks that moisture from our skin (and the moisture with it) leaving behind a surface dry, flaky skin that highlights fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin also tends to naturally produce less oil during the fall and winter months, which means it's time to step up the hydration. If you have oily skin, you can stick with your summer moisturizer during the day but switch to a deeper penetrating moisturizer at night to help prevent your skin from developing dry patches.

Don't forget the eye area. This delicate skin also needs more hydration. Discover our sublime moisturizing cream. It deeply hydrates and leaves your skin smooth and supple throughout the day. Goat milk lotion is another amazing choice for moisturizing skin.


Even the most cautious sun-lovers can step into fall with the hints of the summer sun appearing on their skin. We always recommend exfoliation because it's the best way to minimize the appearance of dark spots and smooth out your skin tone, but now is the perfect time to pay attention to your exfoliation routine.

Since we are entering the year when the skin produces less oil and can be irritated by environmental factors (wind, rain, temperature change), you must be very careful when your skin becomes a little dull.

Some people can exfoliate twice a week in the summer, but over-exfoliating during the cooler, driest time of year can be harmful.

By the way, don't forget your lips. Whatever exfoliator you use on your face, you can apply it lightly to your lips as well. (Rinse off after 2-3 minutes.) Follow with your natural moisturizer to enjoy plump, soft lips during the fall months.

Take out the moisturizing masks

Even if you change your moisturizer, it may not be enough, especially when the wind blows, and the heaters come on.

You may not have needed a hydrating mask in the summer, but now is the time to start using one again. During your weekly home cure, we recommend that you make a mask with our best soap for men. The creamy foam will leave your skin soft and deeply nourished.

A smooth transition

Just because you've gone from a deck chair on the beach to an office chair in the space of a weekend, doesn't mean your skin has to undergo such rapid changes in routine.

Remember that any time you add the goat milk products or change your routine, your skin will need time to adapt. Use your new routine for at least a few weeks before determining that it isn't working.

And at the slightest sign of allergies such as red patches or severe itching, don't delay, go to your pharmacy!

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