How is printing maps done at Yahoo maps?

How is printing maps done at Yahoo maps?

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To provide you with correct information and guide, you are given definite direction that what maps are made for. In case you get off-track, the main role of map begins. Do you know that you can print them on Yahoo too!

Yahoo is not only a printing map tool but a magic box that can make the communication easier to the extent that it becomes your favorite social media platform. You can enjoy its manifold benefits but for that, you must have a proper knowledge of its new and updated features. Get help regarding this at our Yahoo Tech Support where the technicians and experts are ready to take and handle your queries with the guaranty of terminating them fast.


1. Login to the Yahoo Map home page.

2. Insert the chosen address before getting the maps & the direction or insert the addresses under the hunting on the maps.

3. Hit the OK button for loading it.

4.You must now hit the link to the printable version. A pop-up window will start loading on your screen which will showcase the maps as well as the direction of the drive.

5. Now, hold your printer and ensure that your printer is operating in the best way.

6. Check whether all the components are properly organized and the sheet is loaded into it.

7. It is the time to assign the command for printing and is generally displayed through a symbol with a printer.


1. It is very crucial in the first place to actually start loading the map or the drive directions.

2. It is made through So, hit on the sending link for printing.

3. Now, you must go for sending the email to a buddy or you can take it on your own.

4. Complete the credentials by adding the identification title & the body of the text, if possible.

5. Hit on the send key and then ensure that your email is accurate.

6. As the map arrives in your inbox, you must assign the command for printing.

Are you able to fix your issue or the issue still darken and clouds your brain every time you think of the requisite? The first and best aid you will get is through reaching Yahoo Help Australia which is a toll-free, so calling has been made extremely pleasant and frank through this.

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