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ADHD is a condition that is often misunderstood. During the 1990s, an increase in recognition of the disorder led to certain misconceptions and stereotypes that persist today. Here is a list of 5 things people with ADHD wish you knew. We hope this will help you avoid some hurtful misunderstandings and confront the ignorance that surrounds ADHD therapist near me. You never know, you may even learn something new!

1. It's not that someone with ADHD can't focus…but they can't control what they focus on.

Often the concentration problems that accompany ADHD are not actually related to concentration itself, but rather to the environment in which a person is trying to focus. If someone with ADHD is working in a noisy room with lots of stimuli, they can be distracted by all the different types of information entering their brain. However, if that person worked in a more comfortable and suitable environment (perhaps a quiet room or while wearing hearing protection, for example), they would be able to concentrate better.

2. ADHD impacts all phases of life…not just school

ADHD is often mentioned in schools. It is sometimes thought of as just a childhood condition, which it is not. This condition can affect all aspects of your life, from punctuality to personal relationships, to transformation health. Children who had trouble remembering homework often become adults who have trouble remembering things like paying bills on time.

3. #NoFilter*… They don't mean to offend you

People with ADHD sometimes can't filter their thoughts before they come out of their mouths. This lack of impulse control could hurt a person's feelings. They don't want to hurt or offend you; they literally can't control it. Indeed, the very nature of ADHD increases introspection.

4. The concept of time is difficult to manage

And it can have a very real impact on school, work, and everyday life in general. People with ADHD can have trouble knowing how long something will take them. This is partly because they don't know how many times their attention will be diverted or how many times they would have to check to see if they missed something. This is also partly due to difficulties with their executive functions, which means that organizing and carrying out tasks can be extremely difficult.
5. Medications don't give any benefit; they just help to work at a different pace

Taking ADHD medication does not give a person extra focus, it just gives them a level of focus closer to those without ADHD. It is not a recreational drug that would give an extra boost before an exam or a meeting. Saying that is an insult to people who need it. However, ADHD medications are not a complete solution either. Even when the medicine has been taken, if there are too many stimuli around the person, they may still be distracted.

As you can see, many of the stereotypes about ADHD can be extremely harmful and even damage the self-confidence and life prospects of someone with ADHD. This can make them feel isolated and misunderstood. What these people also want you to know is that they don't mind being asked questions, if the questions are respectful, and you are genuinely interested. It helps them feel included!

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