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Praga Poetry

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A Candle That Flickers
The lights are lit a little more dimly here
The streets a little more dark
But you're safe as long as you keep your wits
When in the sketchy corner of the bars

The walls creek a little more loudly here
The chairs a little unstable
But you'll be fine if you keep your eyes
And your drinks in the centre of your table

The people round here keep their heads down
A baseball cap their only crown
It's a dirty world in a world renowned town
Bottoms up as booze goes down

The smiles are a little more desperate here
The smoke a little thicker
There's a hopeful pessimism
Failing that, a candle that flickers

Fumes of Absurdity 
In the Fumes of Absurdity
I sat by a dimly lit lamp
Was it to create atmosphere
Or to save money on electric?

'Shake It Up Baby' played
Followed by Robbie Williams
It was the Latin dancing night
But perhaps I arrived too late

I conversed with some Irishmen
There should be a joke in that
But I don't have a punchline
Just no one else spoke English

We drank shots of cherry and vodka
In the glass it resembles a Polish flag
And just like any other flag
It can burn inside you, or you can set fire to it

I drank the beer with the lion on it
It reminds me of where I come from
Three lions on our shirt
And a few more in Heythrop Zoo

I hope I find my way home
And if I don't, I'll sure find something
Because Praga is wild, Praga doesn't sleep
There's always something worth seeing

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The Wanderer travel blog images

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