How to work with travel bloggers?

How to work with travel bloggers?

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Interview with Sharone Touitou, Community Manager of ACS

The third edition of the Travel Bloggers Fair in the Belgian capital has just opened its doors. We discover the new vintage of these influencers who have become essential for brands wishing to gain visibility on the internet. And even more in the tourism sector. A new media has hatched, a new "content marketing" is in place. Contacting us travel bloggers can therefore be very beneficial in promoting your products or destinations. But how to work with them? I-tourism met Sharone Touitou, Community Manager of ACS.

I-tourism: Can you introduce yourself?

Sharone Touitou: “We are ACS, an insurance broker specializing in international mobility for over 30 years.

We provide both trips of a few days and long-term expatriations. Students, trainees, world traveler photos or expatriates...we ensure everyone, everywhere in the world! I-tourism: How did you come up with the idea of working with bloggers? ST: “Bloggers are extraordinarily exciting different generation influencers, who approach travel themes from a new direction.

As travel and mobility professionals, we were therefore curious to try our hand at this new exercise and to start collaborations that are a little different from those of our traditional partners.

 » i-tourism: How do you work with them? ST: “There are almost as many partnership opportunities as there are blogs. Some are interested in an affiliate program, others in content exchange or even guest articles … we are open to all types of collaboration.

Nevertheless, the majority of bloggers opt for affiliation, which allows them to address the subject of insurance on their site while earning commissions.

I-tourism: What are the results?

ST: “Collaborating with travel bloggers lets us position ourselves in this innovative market and enhance our brand image.

Our presence on social networks is also increased thanks to these partnerships.

Finally, the insurance contracts taken out through blogs enable us to generate revenue. I-tourism: How do you select them?

ST: “We carefully select the blogs we work with.

The content of the sites must be qualitative and interesting, and the digital presence regular and varied.

We work both with blogs that are already well established and with new ones with a promising concept.

I-tourism: What do you think of the evolution of the relationship between bloggers and professionals?

ST: “Working with a blogger is quite original: it's not strictly speaking a B2B relationship, or even B2C. This is an atypical relationship that is forged over the course of meetings and years.

In this context, the Travel Bloggers Fair is the perfect opportunity to discuss and develop relationships between bloggers and professionals. I-tourism: How did you find out about the Travel Bloggers Fair? ST: “We came across the presentation of the Wonder Road Travel a little before the first edition, in Cannes. The project seemed interesting to us, and we decided to follow Xavier Berthier in this adventure, by becoming one of the main partners of the Show. This year again, we are present to meet travel bloggers in Brussels!

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