Canon Pixma TR8550 Setup | PIXMA TR8550 Printer Setup

Canon Pixma TR8550 Setup | PIXMA TR8550 Printer Setup

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travel blog delivers top quality printing for both photos and documents and it also accepts various sizes of papers and styles. The Canon PixmaTR8550 can print up to 15 black images per minute and the speed is 10 images of colour per minute. It can also print 4'' x 6' quality prints in just 37 seconds.

In addition to its printing performance, it allows the users to connect the system or device with ease via built-in Wi-Fi. Therefore, the user is able to print easily from a remote area within their workplace or home when connected to the printer. It also has up to 4800 X 1200 dots per inch of colour resolution, which results in the creation of stunning quality and detail on documents and photos.

The Canon Pixma TR8550 lets users print two-sided documents , scan documents from their system or from email, and send fast faxes, lots more. In addition, it features an 4.3 inch LCD touch screen that allows users to input commands for scanning, copying and printing from their printers quickly and effortlessly.

Steps Required for Canon Pixma TR8550 Setup
The Canon Pixma TR8550 printer is the ideal printer to boost home or office productivity and is packed with many advanced printing capabilities. Users can scan, print, copy and fax functions in an easy way. So, for all users here are the steps required to complete the Canon PixmaTR8550 setup procedure.

Notification: Users are able to achieve the Canon Pixma T8550 configuration process through the official website , or by CD.

It is important to note that the user can choose whether they want to connect their printer using USB connection or LAN connection.

Notification: The Canon Pixma TR8550 setup procedure is needed when using the printer through a LAN Connection. If the setup procedure is already complete, the connection will be confirmed automatically. In case if the setup process isn't complete you must follow the next steps to set up the printer.

At the beginning of the process In the initial stage, push the button that powers the printer and switch it "ON."
Next, you should open the preferred internet browser.
After this, in the window's search field, you can type the official URL, i.e., ij.start.cannon.
Then the official website will show in the display.
Now the users will be asked to choose the device which they want to set up.
By following the steps below, the user is able to complete the setting procedure.

Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet
Making Fax Ready for Use
Option 1: Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet
To begin, the setup procedure will be explained to the users. They are then advised to click on" setup" "Download" button.
Now the ".exe" file will begin to download.
After this, let the download process be completed and then you can open the ".exe" file.
Now the users are suggested to choose the language in the "Language" option.
After that, tap"Next. "Next" option.
Then, users are suggested to choose the method of connecting to printers.
Note there are two options to choose from, i.e., "Wireless LAN Connection" & "USB Connection."
From there, choose the preferred option.
Now follow the on-screen prompts to accomplish the setup process.
Be sure to ensure that your printer's power is switched "ON" during the setup process.
Option 2: Making Fax Ready For Use
The users searching for the steps to set up the Fax must follow the steps as mentioned below.

At the start, select the phone line option.
After that, users are advised to select the method they prefer to receive faxes, i.e., "Easy Setup" or "Various Settings."
From here, users are able to select the"Start" "Start" button.
Note: Customers who have bought the printer from China or Canada should select it according to their preference.
After this, the users should follow the on-screen instructions to accomplish the setup procedure.

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cannonstart travel blog images

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