How to Choose the Holster According to Your Needs and Profession?

How to Choose the Holster According to Your Needs and Profession?

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what is a holster

A holster and a case allow you to store your weapon and always have it at hand whatever the situation. These holsters can take different forms depending on your weapon or replica, or on the contrary, adapt to all models of weapons, we will then speak of universal holsters. A holster can be rigid or flexible, they are thus available in a leather holster, polymer/Kydex holster (thermoformed), or more flexible Cordura holster. Depending on the use and the situation, whether you are in civilian or on duty, a holster can be used in discreet or visible wear.

How to use a holster

Choosing the right custom leather shoulder holster means knowing where you want to wear it for better efficiency and better wearing comfort during your missions or services. In most cases, a holster is fixed at waist level using an intervention centurion, so it can be worn discreetly or in apparent wear. You can also wear your holster at thigh level using a tactical thigh plate for better support and more comfort, or even on an intervention vest or combat vest ideal when you are seated in a vehicle for example. Finally, there are shoulder or boot holsters for a more discreet port.


Military Holster

You can for a universal flexible holster (PAMAS, PA MAC, Glock 17, …) which will allow you, if you change your weapon, to keep your holster. These custom leather holsters have a low level of security with simple retention at the level of the hammer and will thus allow you to draw your weapon more quickly.

Or on the contrary, adopt a rigid thermoformed or injected holster specially adapted to your weapon which will not allow you to use it with another in case of change. These holsters will fit your weapon perfectly for optimal support and less discomfort when on the move. They also offer the possibility of being adapted on your military combat vest, your military belt, or your thigh plate easily and quickly thanks to molle adapters or quick connection systems. Depending on the model, these military holsters can be more or less secure with different levels of retention that can be adapted to the situation.


Holster for law enforcement

Recently it has become possible for law enforcement officers to carry their service weapons on a daily basis. There are different types of devices for this, whether it is a more discreet but sometimes annoying inside port holster or a discreet port bag for example. Your Lone Star Holsters recommends a holster allowing quick use of your weapon with perfect concealment.

During your service, it is preferable to have a holster with quick access, for example on a tactical thigh plate or an intervention vest. Your weapon being visible to all, be sure to choose a secure device.


Your QG Store online store offers you complete promotional packs to deal with the different situations of use of your service weapon.

Military pack:  Thanks to this professional pack specially adapted for Pamas / Beretta 92, you will be able to move your weapon from your combat vest to a thigh plate quickly and simply thanks to the Vega brand quick connection system. This system allows a 360° orientation for an optimal grip.

Law enforcement pack:  Pack dedicated to law enforcement (Police/Gendarmerie) with the high-end injected custom duty holsters from the GK brand for Sig Pro 20 22, a GK tactical thigh plate with 2 straps (compatible with endowment case ), a 3-point Cordura intervention belt and an adaptable pivoting baton holder for intervention vest or belt.

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