Best Ways of Transportation During Family Trips

Best Ways of Transportation During Family Trips

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One of the important points to consider for everyone who travels with their families - is the choice of transport. It is necessary to choose the convenient way of transportation, weighing all the pros and cons. Of course, if the vacation is planned far from the country, transport is solved automatically. But many people prefer to travel near. This means that there are three options - car, train, plane.

Trip by car

One of the main advantages of traveling by car is the economy. The cost of gasoline will be significantly less than train or plane tickets. Especially if you divide the cost between two families. If you are going to travel in a large group, you should rent a passenger van. Many companies offer a van rental service on favorable terms. 

You will have the opportunity to drive around the area, not just sit in a hotel. In any favorite place, you can make a stop, rest, feed, and change the child, giving him a chance to stretch. This is not possible during tours by bus. It's really cool that you can rent van in USA.
Another plus is that you can always take anything you want in the car. Rental van will keep you thinking about bringing all the necessary things. Many things can come in handy unexpectedly on a trip.

When traveling by car, the common problem is that your baby can get motion sickness. Be sure to take any remedies for nausea before traveling. It is important to stay in some hotels. Everyone needs a rest, but especially the growing body.

The disadvantages of traveling by car:

You may have to stand in traffic jams. 
The driver has to concentrate on the road for a long time. It is fatiguing. But you can always stop on the road for the night. It even adds variety to the holiday.
The risk of accidents on the road is much higher than when traveling by train or plane.
In a car, the ability to move is limited. You have to sit on the seat for a long time. It is hard for children to sit in one place. 

Traveling by train

Free train travel for children under five saves the family budget. There are discounts for children ages five to ten. A ticket for an adult will also cost much less than a plane ticket.

The train has more room to move than other modes of transport and more space to play. Preferably silent games, do not forget about the neighboring passengers. You can take a separate compartment, especially if there are four of you, then you will solve the problem with neighbors. What can not be done on the plane.

The disadvantages of traveling by train:

Long travel time. By car, much less by plane, the trip will take less time.
There is no possibility of stopping on the road if the child is tired from the ride.
Noisy neighbors can interfere with sleep. 


The important advantage is the short travel time. A couple of hours and the flight is over. Many children enjoy flying. Something new, clouds in the portholes, taking off planes that can be seen while waiting for the flight, will interest the little traveler.

Parents can also relax during the flight, as there is no need to concentrate on the road, looking for places to eat or go to the bathroom. There are comfortable seats for passengers with young children in the first row, with more space and no people sitting in front. 

But it is an expensive mode of transport, which not everyone can afford. It is impossible to stop on the road, but a stop is not required in a short time. The main problem on flights for children is earaches on takeoff and landing. It is better to take something with you to help alleviate this condition. Ear drops or the usual pacifier, chewing gum, chewing candy will help. All the flight time, you will have to sit in one position. It is not possible to run and move around.

Have a nice trip and a cheerful mood!

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Elly Smithsenn travel blog images

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