Best Retina center in south Delhi

Best Retina center in south Delhi

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Uveitis means inflammation in the uveal tract or we can say the middle layer of the eye, and it is important to check if there is any infection in uveitis as it may lead to a major issue can you will have to get it treated at the earliest. Thanks to the technology that is growing and increasing rapidly treatment of uveitis are possible at many hospitals today.

There can be different causes for uveitis such as hypersensitive to different organisms or viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria. It can cause also be due to underlying autoimmune disease or any other type of disease or injury to the eye. Though in most of the uveitis cases to date the cause was undetermined and such uveitis is called idiopathic uveitis.

The symptoms of uveitis could be light sensitivity, blurring in vision, redness in the eye, and floaters. The symptoms could be slow and gradual as well as sudden and you may not experience any pain too. It is not necessary that if any one of these symptoms is detected then you have uveitis but if there are one or two symptoms and it’s not getting away then use must consult an ophthalmologist.

 It is necessary to get treated as early as possible as this can affect your eye permanently. By the time the treatment for uveitis is available in most places and you can find many uveitis specialists in Gurgaon at the best retina centre in South Delhi. You can also visit the website ‘iclinix’ and find more about retina specialists there. 

Eye diseases like uveitis are more common in old age people as with time their eyesight and muscles get weaker day by day and they are more likely to get affected by such diseases. 

Best Retina centre in south Delhi


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iclinix travel blog images

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