The 7 Most Interesting Things To See In Munich

The 7 Most Interesting Things To See In Munich

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Germany is a country definitely with visiting at least once in a time, especially if you already live in Europe. There are many cities that deserve a visit, the best-known being Berlin of course. But when you’re done with this iconic capital, then it’s time to move to other places.

Munich is one of the largest German cities, located in Bavaria, the southeast federal state.

There are so many things to do in Munich, so if you’re planning a visit soon, here are some of the best things to do there.

1. Visit the Hellabrunn Zoo
Regardless of what your personal stance on zoos might be, this place is an iconic Munich place that deserves your attention. It’s spread across 89 acres, and it’s been constantly ranked as one of the most attractive zoos in entire Europe. There are more than 19,000 animals held in conditions that mimic the wild. So if you decide to go there, make sure to visit The Elephant House, the Polarium, the ape houses and of course, the conservation area next to the Isar River.

2. Go to the Olympic Park
The 1972 Summer Olympics that were held in Munich might not be remembered by nice events, but this park is a historic place that covers about 2.7 million square meters. The place used to be the training ground for the Royal Bavarian army, and nowadays, it’s an important recreational center. If you happen to be here in summer, then don’t miss out on Tollwood Festival, one of the major events of the year. The winter variant of the festival is held at Theresienhöhe, that’s also a home to iconic Oktoberfest. Since the Olympics, there have been many family activities added, such as ziplinings and stadium roof climbing.

3. Visit the Christmas market
If you’re someone who enjoys all things Christmas, then Munich is the perfect place to visit at that time of year. Germany is well-known for its stunning Christmas markets, or Christkindlmarkts. In Munich, the Christmas market starts in November and lasts until Christmas Day. So if you visit you’ll be amazed by beautiful decor, delicious treats and cheerful Christmas music. There are also many handmade souvenirs and other pieces to shop there. This event is so popular among visitors that many tour operators organize Munich day trips in winter. Therefore, if you enjoy admiring charming Christmas decorations and festive atmosphere, then Christmas market is your place.

4. Visit the St Peter’s Church
St Peter’s Church or Old Peter as it’s known is the oldest parish church in Munich. Its location is the Petersberg Hill. The church was built in 1386 in Gothic Style, and throughout the centuries, it’s been upgraded and beautified, while still retaining it’s original, medieval charm. Jan Polack has painted the choir walls, and the true gem of the church is the eight-clock tower that has exactly 299 steps. The clocks are matched with eight bells, but the true beauty of the tower lies in the gorgeous, panoramic view.

5. Check out the BMW Museum
BMW is one of the best known German exports, but did you know that BMW headquarters are in Munich? That’s right, and the place is located at the Olympic park. However, the true gem is the BMW Museum that showcases all the models that company has made, including racing models, sports cars and motorcycles. The museum also offers an insight into the technology of car making as well as glimpse into the future projects that this company has in store. If you appreciate German automobile industry, then make sure to visit the BMW Museum.

6. Don’t forget to visit the Munich Residenz
Munich Residenz has been the main seat for dukes, kings and electors of Bavaria for centuries. The vast complex contains three major sections: the Alte Residenz, the Königsbau and the Festsaalbau (Banqueting Hall). But, the magnificent Antiquarium is the earliest part of the complex, built in 1579. Today it’s a part of Residenz Museum, that you should also visit. If you happen to spend a day here, then make sure to also check out Court Garden, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Munich, that has a number of fountains and ponds.

7. Get a breakfast at Schneider Brauhaus
Breakfast is the most important meal, and if you’re going to do an all-day sightseeing, then it’s important to eat well beforehand. Schneider Brauhaus is a must-vist place if you want to have a good breakfast. You can treat yourself to legendary Bavarian sausage, house-made pretzels and of course, wheat-beer, or Weissbier as it’s called in German. Just keep in mind that many of these delicacies are served until noon, so be sure to hurry if you want to grab a bite.

These are some of the things that will show you the best side of Munich. The third-largest city in German is surely worth visiting, especially if you enjoy museums, cafés and gorgeous palaces, churches and gardens.

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