Advantages of Living in Montenegro

Advantages of Living in Montenegro

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Montenegro is slowly but steadily becoming one of the favorite places to live in for the world's digital nomads and ex-pats alike. This scenic country located on the Adriatic Sea is a perfect blend between the Balkan’s rich culture and Mediterranean sensibilities. Tasty cuisine, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking mountains are just the tip of the iceberg regarding what Montenegro has to offer. If you’re thinking about moving to Europe, here are some reasons why Montenegro should be the next place to call your own.

1.    Getting residency and citizenship is not hard
Compared to other European countries, Montenegro is one of the most welcoming when it comes to ex-pats. There are multiple ways how you can secure your permanent residency: for example, by being a student, starting a company, or marrying a Montenegrin citizen. If you’d like to apply for Montenegro citizenship by investment in property, this is another viable option. The great thing about Montenegro is that property is not as expensive as in the neighboring countries, so for many individuals, this is the most accessible way to become a resident.

2.    Cost of living is low
Montenegro is one of those countries you’d want to move to if you’d like to save some money, especially if your salary is up to par with American or Australian standards, for example. Since it’s so affordable, you shouldn't worry a lot about the rent because you can get a luxurious apartment for less than 500€ a month. Additionally, utilities will set you back a maximum of another hundred, while groceries and other necessities are also much cheaper than in other European countries. Of course, based on your location in Montenegro, the prices will vary. If you decide to live in the capital, Podgorica, you should expect slightly higher prices than in some smaller cities and villages.

3.    People are very welcoming
The people of Montenegro are usually very warm and easy-going. As an ex-pat, there’s no need to worry. Montenegrins are always quite surprised when they notice that someone isn’t a local and will want to start up a conversation with you. Although most young people speak good English and are willing to accommodate foreigners, some older Montenegrins don’t really know English that well. This is why we still advise you to learn some Montenegrin words if you’re planning to move there, just so you’d make your own experience much smoother. We’re sure that many Montenegrins you meet will actually want to teach you some of their language and you’re sure to have friends to practice it with!

4.    Nature is phenomenal
Imagine living in a country where every bay along the coast offers a unique view of the surrounding landscape. Well, if you move to Montenegro, this dream of yours can become reality! The bays of Kotor and Tivat may be explored on a bike or in a vehicle, so plan to make multiple trips to visit the most beautiful places in Montenegro while you’re there. Some people even swear that watching the sun set and rise over the Adriatic Sea is beneficial to their overall health! If you care about your Instagram or you’re generally interested in photography, you'll love that you will be able to get some fantastic shots of the Adriatic Sea from the mountain slopes that overlook it. However, if you’re not a natural photographer, just breathing the fresh Adriatic air will be enough to recharge your batteries.

5.    Crime rates are low
Some people are shocked to learn that Montenegro has very low crime rates! Violent crimes very rarely happen, so the worst thing you should pay attention to is pickpocketing during peak season, although it also rarely happens. Therefore, your general safety shouldn’t worry you when you’re planning to move to Montenegro. You can be secure of the fact that your new neighbors will be smiley people who’d love to have a pint of cold beer with you on the first occasion!

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