Easy Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin While Traveling

Easy Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin While Traveling

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When you travel, with so many things on your mind, it’s easy to forget about your skin care routine. However, the worst thing you could do is neglect your skin while exposing it to changes that come along with traveling. You don’t want to end up getting breakouts, flare-ups, rashes, or sunburns on your skin. That’s why you should pay attention to keeping your skin healthy, no matter if you’re traveling by plane or by car. So, here are some easy tips that can help you keep your skin healthy and glowing while traveling.

Stick to your typical skin care routine
As the key to keeping your skin healthy is being consistent, try to stick to your regular skin care routine as much as possible. By neglecting your skin, you’ll end up getting irritated skin and acne. So, don’t forget to do your morning skin care routine before going outside. Moreover, you shouldn’t skip out on your nighttime skin care ritual before going to sleep, even if you’re feeling exhausted from the trip.

Pack the essentials
When you’re on the go, you don’t want to be dragging your whole bathroom with you. So, the best thing when it comes to packing is to just stick with the essentials. The skin care products that must be included in your suitcase are a facial cleanser, a moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and a nighttime moisturizer. You should consider using quality Australian made cosmetic skin care which has a wide choice of products suited for different needs of your skin. If you can’t find products in travel sizes, you could use small containers for saving space in your suitcase.

Carry facial wipes and facial mist spray
No matter how long you’re staying on your trip, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you’re going to a location with a cold climate. Therefore, don’t forget about carrying facial wipes with you anywhere you go. Facial wipes or makeup-removing towelettes are very practical and can be used anywhere, from the beach, car, bus, and airplane to your hotel room. Another must-have to include is a facial mist spray to keep your skin refreshed throughout the whole day.

Use a moisturizer every day
Regardless of your skin type, any kind of moisturizer helps in keeping your skin healthy. Not only does it keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, but it also prevents skin issues caused by dry air. Also, by avoiding the use of a moisturizer, your skin will consequently overproduce additional natural oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, which will lead to further breakouts. So, don’t forget to moisturize your skin on a daily basis, and always keep it soft and youthful.

Get a bit of sunlight and use sunscreen
Although it’s said that getting exposed to the sun is the worst thing you could do for your skin, in fact, you should be moderately exposed to sunlight as it’s healthy for both your body and skin. Sunlight can be beneficial due to the fact that vitamin D, which the body produces, helps the skin repair itself on its own. Also, it’s essential you use sunscreen every day during your trip, since too much sun exposure can be harmful to your skin. By using sunscreen while traveling, not only do you get protected from both damaging UVA and UVB rays and skin cancer, but you also prevent the development of wrinkles and pores. It’s highly suggested that you use a moisturizer that has a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30.

Don’t touch your face too often
Resist the temptation of touching your face with your hands, especially while traveling, as it is highly likely you’ll pick up unfamiliar bacteria, which can further lead to numerous skin issues. So, it’s essential you wash your hands frequently, and use antibacterial wipes and sanitizers as much as possible.

Avoid makeup
No matter where you’re going on your trip, it’s important to avoid using makeup as much as possible. You can opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of full makeup gear on your face. The best thing to do is let your skin breathe and stick to your usual skin care routine by just applying your daily moisturizer and sunscreen.

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