How Can I Add Notes In My Gmail Account?

How Can I Add Notes In My Gmail Account?

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Today, every individual who’s been through college or even working might have come across the term “notes”. This is a “term” that plays a major role in our life now-a-days. It is a fact that we do a lot of things and sometimes we even lost track of the tacks that has to be done in the future. In Gmail, notes are a bit different term than the usual. To understand more about it, you can rely on our team for gmail two factor authentication.

To help you in comprehend this task we’ve given some steps underneath which you might want to consider. It is also obligatory that you must follow these steps as they are listed.

• To start things off, obviously, you need to log in to your Gmail account. Make sure to use correct credentials otherwise you may face difficulties while logging in.
• Once you access your account, move towards the “settings” then click on “labels”.
• After that, you are required to enter a new label’s name and when done hit “create”.
• Now, move to the “filters” tab and click on “create a new filter”. Then, input your username in the “to:” section and hit “next step”.
• After you’ve done that, mark “apply the label” and choose “notes”.
• We recommend that you must try to send an email to the address that you just created above. You can know that the email is sent successfully when that note appears on your inbox.

We hope that you’ll find these steps very helpful and informative at the same time. If you do face errors or issues of any kind, feel free to contact us. You can do that by calling us on our enable two factor authentication gmail team to avail a peerless response from our crew of highly skilled technicians.

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gmail2fasetup travel blog images

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